7 Best Mattresses for Bunk Beds – Reviews and Buyer guide 2019

Best Mattresses for bunk beds on should buy in 2018

Most obviously you won’t be sleeping on a bunk bed without a mattress or would you? Bunk beds and mattresses have a very deep connection. Yeah, our youngsters, in particular, are the most numbered audience of a bunk bed and for them, a peaceful night sleep (i.e. a good mattress) is as important as water is for them.

Let’ say you have already bought a bunk bed and now or you have got the best bed frame, now you are searching for the best fit mattress then welcome, you are at the right platform. Under this roof, today we will hold your hands and visit a mattress market. The best, top 7 mattresses, best suited for bunk beds are mentioned below.

Top 7 Best Mattresses for Bunk Beds Comparison 2019

Product Name Weight (Pounds) Our Rating Price
1. Signature Sleep Contour Reversible Independently Encased Coil Mattress (Editor’s Choice) 46 Check Price
2. Zinus Memory Foam 5 Inch Bunk Bed Mattress 20 Check Price
3. Zinus Memory Foam Mattress Cot Size/RV Bunk 18 Check Price
4. DHP Quilted Mattress For Bunk Beds 18 Check Price
5. Everynight Deluxe Dual Sided Medium-Firm Foam 20 Check Price
6. Cr Comfort & Relax Memory Foam for Bunk Bed 21 Check Price
7. Classic Brands Memory Foam Mattress for bunker beds 20 Check Price

What To Look For In A Perfect Bunk Bed Mattresses?

Hey, wait. Don’t rush towards the mattress market! Know things first. A bunk bed mattress would be useless if you don’t select the accurate size for it. Even a minor difference of inches can be fatal for your sleep.

While most wise men are careful about the size some, people don’t look for the appropriate material of the mattress. A spring foam mattress is something most desired and famous worldwide. However, do note that you’ll hate a spring mattress in summers. It literally sucks there! So for that purpose, a gel infused mattress would be the best fit. Really? People have a lot to disagree with this. SO WHO ACTUALLY IS THE BEST MATTRESS FOR MY BUNK BED?

Hey man, easy. We have that perfect mattress just right here.

1. Signature Sleep Contour Reversible Independently Encased Coil Mattress For Bunker Beds (Editor’s Choice)

Signature Sleep Contour Reversible Independently Encased Coil Mattress


  • Sizes Available: Full, King Queen, Twin (according to a standard bunk bed)
  • Height: 8, 10 inches
  • Pocket Coils: 15 gauge coils
  • Foam Layer: 1.6 inch
  • Weight: 46 pounds approx.

Our top pick and best recommendation for you would be the Signature sleep Contour Mattress but for that, you should have a standard twin size bunk bed. Oh! don’t you have one? No worries brother. Editors choice shouldn’t have to be that much specific, of course. Well for all I know is that this Mattress is available in Twin, King, Queen and Full sizes. It is not just simply a mattress but it has some other standard features making it the best of the best. After all, it is on the top of the list for a reason.

A signature style for everything then why not for your sleep? Well Signature Sleep Contour bed mattress has an amazing memory foam which provides a support and eliminates all unwanted vibrations due to transfer motion. Thus making your sleep healthier and peaceful then ever. The fine distribution of springs all around the bed will relive your pressure points once you lie on the mattress. All the features will combine to give you a comfortable and peaceful sleep.

  • Eco-friendly bed frame, free of all heavy metals
  • Easy shipping in a small box package
  • Available in different heights to suit your requirement
  • Comes with a soft fabric mattress cover
  • Independently encased coil system for best support
  • Double sided makes it more useful
  • Less spring tension towards the corners
  • Not suitable for elder people
  • Potential odor for first few days

2. Zinus Memory Foam 5 Inch Best Bunk Bed Mattress

Zinus Memory Foam 5 Inch Bunk Bed Mattress


  • Height: 5 inches
  • Available sizes: Twin, Narrow Twin
  • Warranty: 10 year limited warranty
  • Available Colors: Khaki, Pink, Blue
  • Weight: 20 pounds

Zinus has a name in producing quality furniture items. Inexpensive, quality products are their focus. The high profile smart box spring mattress is something which you should consider at least once, because that is in fact, the best you can get as a bunk bed/trundle bed mattress. Assuming three layers of foam in this mattress, you’ll just lie down and comfort yourself. The special high density base foam makes it perfect for use in summers. The mattress no more pinches due to a constant air flow.
Sleeping malpractices should be abandoned right away because that can be a serious damage to your health. Zinus Memory Foam, designed especially for bunk beds, guarantees a peaceful sleep. The latest evolution of memory foams have made it all possible so if you are still confused in what to chose for the bunk bed, do check the pros and cons of Zinus Memory Foam. This would give you a better and detailed insight of the product. Even before that, my rating for this amazing mattress is 9.6 out of 10 stars.

  • Comfortable memory foam for peaceful sleep
  • 3 layer foam relieves all the pain
  • Airflow base makes the mattress cool in summers
  • It is shipped in a convenient box packaging
  • It is very thin
  • Priced fairly high
  • Not much sizes are available

3. Zinus Cot Size/RV Memory Foam Mattress for Bunk Bed

Zinus Memory Foam Mattress Cot Size/RV Bunk


  • Sizes: Twin, Narrow Twin, Full, Queen, King
  • Weight: 18 pounds
  • Warranty: 10 year limited worry-free warranty
  • Base Support Foam Height: 1 inch high
  • Viscolatex Memory Foam Height: 2 inches high

Mattresses for bunk beds should have some special qualities to make them suitable for being “bunkers”. With that in your mind, you must check out the Zinus memory foam at least once. It is sold in five different sizes. The high quality foam, you won’t ever regret sleeping on. The natural green tea extracts would keep your mattress, evergreen and fresh forever. It will also prevent odor, accumulating up in the mattress. How about you know other of it’s detailed features?
How ideal would it be that you can get a whole mattress in a “pringles” sized box, shipped at your home, with absolutely no shipping costs! Yeah! If you want to avail this offer, do buy the Zinus Memory foam, without any delay. Amazon.com is providing free shipping while the patented rolling technology by Zinus, meaning an unharmed, fully compressed mattress delivered at your door step. Zinus has mixed some natural seed oil in the core of this mattress to eliminate all bacteria and germs, so you can have a neat and nice sleep.

Let’s get to the pros and cons part.

  • Accurate sizing and firm support
  • Simple box shipping, no damage guaranteed
  • Castor oil infused to keep away bacteria and insects
  • More durable and long lasting
  • Full customer support and after sales service up till 10 years
  • Extra foam stuffed, makes it too hard
  • Too costy for just being a mattress
  • Not much sizes are available

4. DHP Quilted Mattresses For Bunker Beds

DHP Quilted Mattress For Bunk Beds


  • Thickness: 6 inches
  • Colors Available in: Pink, Navy, Tan
  • Size Available: Twin Only
  • Twin Size Mattress: 6″ x 39″ x 75″
  • Weight: 18 pounds

All mattresses apart. A bunk bed mattress in average price with many comforts is there for you to sleep on. Not just by my review, but the DHP Mattress has a Green Guard GOLD Certification. Those who are sleep freaks and can’t compromise on the mattress will realize the importance of this certification. The tufted cover, available in many colors, will keep the mattress in shape and if you are a couch potato then DHP is just your perfect soulmate. The wipe and clean thing means that this mattress is perfectly okay with all type of foodstuff.
For a twin sized bunker bed, this might be perfect mattress. For certified low chemical emissions, this mattress has been certified. Although, just available in twin size but most bunker beds are also there in twin size, so that’s a comeback for this so called con of DHP Mattress. With an amazon sale currently, you can get two mattresses at very economical rates with free shipping!

  • Microfibres core construction; strong, durable and tough
  • Cotton/polyester blend of mattress gives a soft touch
  • Variety of colors, choose your favorite one
  • Wipe and clean, nothing to worry if your young ones make a “coloury” mess there
  • Not very heavy to lift up
  • Less layers of foam makes it thin
  • Sags on a top bunker, causes pain
  • Not suitable for long term use

5. Everynight Deluxe Dual Sided Medium-Firm Foam

Everynight Deluxe Dual Sided Medium-Firm Foam


  • Size: 75″ X 28″ X 5″>
  • Stiffness: Medium Firm
  • Color: Blue

An RV mattress designed specially as a bunk mattress. Its main quality is being medium firm which makes it particularly suitable for teens and youngsters. It best suits there need and will relieve all the pain as soon as you lie down on it at night, after a hectic study routine or probably a tiring day at gym. It has a tight design at top which keeps the mattress fully stiff and in its perfect shape. Why Everynight Deluxe Mattress? Because, it is 5 inches thick, and believe me you are gonna love it as a student!
Everynight mattress has a removable nylon cover. This means that you don’t have to worry about cleaning the mattress on its place. The removable nylon cover can be easily washed up in a washing machine and thus it has a mechanism of wipe and clean. The company officially recommends te use of mild warm water along with a soap for all types of cleaning purposes. Don’t worry the mattress also has some warranty so if you have it damaged, you can also get it repaired at low costs or sometimes have that replaced. The mattress is designed as such to be dual sided and therefore one can sleep on either side of the bed.

  • Cheap than most other bunk mattresses
  • More thick to give you a comfortable, peaceful sleep
  • Excellent after sales service by the company
  • Medium type stiffness, ideally designed for hardworking teens
  • Nylon cover lasts longer than other covers
  • The “removable” cover is difficult to put back on
  • Only one size available
  • Turned out to be less durable

6. Cr Comfort & Relax Memory Foam Mattress for Bunk Bed

Cr Comfort and Relax Memory Foam for Bunk Bed


  • Sizes Available: TwinXL, Twin, Full
  • Weight: 21 pounds
  • Colors: Pink, Green
  • Memory Foam: 1 inch, 40D
  • Comfort Foam: 4 inch, 25D

Now that’s like a good mattress after all. A good rating of 4 out of 5 star, it makes sense why it is on the sixth number. However, let’s just accept the fact that it is better than many others. Set aside all the features, pros and everything, just note the fact that the company offers a 180 day free trial period to its customers. If you have any complaints related to what you have purchased, Cr Comfort got you fully backed up. The foam is very comfortable and CERTIPUR-US CERTIFIED, which guarantees comfort on the user end. Well, lets come to the features now, which all of us are waiting for.
We all love to sleep at night but without the interruption of any type of cockroaches or insects etc. The small bacteria in one’s bed might not just disease them but also cause other problems. Therefore, the amazing quality of Cr Comfort and the fact that it is constructed naturally as antimicrobial. The mattress is also resistant to all types of allergens and microbes such as dust mites. So the Cr Comfort is more than just a comforting mattress, it’s a healthier one too!

  • Waterproof Mattress surface for easy cleaning
  • CERTIPUR-US Certified Foam, guaranteed comfort
  • Tested for comfort, strength and comfort
  • Comfortable top cover, plush velour cover
  • Best from health point of view
  • Too many layers of foam make it too thick for a top bunker
  • Often slips away from sides
  • Queen Size not available

7. Classic Brands Memory Foam Mattress for bunker beds

Classic Brands Memory Foam Mattress for bunker beds


  • Comfort layer (Memory Foam): 2″ memory foam
  • Basic profile design: 4.5 inches
  • Back and support system: 2.5″ High density base foam
  • Available sizes: Queen, Full, Twin
  • Manufacturer warranty: 3 year limited warranty
  • Comfort level: Medium-Firm

Memory foams are always the best if they can be used as bunker bed mattresses or sofa replacements. Well the good news is that Classic Brands Memory Foam is a bunk bed mattress and available in some regular sizes so you won’t have to compromise at the size. 4.5 out of 5 star overall rating, by several online certified purchases are a clear proof of the high quality of this mattress. You only have to unpack the small box in which this mattress is delivered to you and the mattress is all ready for you to sleep upon.
The Classic Brand memory foam is an amazing replacement for sofas too. You can place it on a sofa in case of less room space and your guests will enjoy the experience. The mattress has natural materials to keep all type of bacteria and microbes away from you. The after sales customer service is also excellent and none customers had issue from that side. The convenient box packaging even allows you to store the mattress afterwards, easily.

  • Best suited for orthopedic support
  • Certified for less emissions
  • Guaranteed for more comfort and firmness
  • More durable than others
  • One size fits most sofas
  • Failed to expand fully in some cases
  • Expensive as compared to the features
  • Unbearable odor immediately after opening

Conclusion: Have your Best Mattresses for Bunk Beds

If you are a hostel person, or you are a sibling who is sharing a bunk bed then you must have faced problems with the mattress of bunk bed. However, we have reviewed some of the best bunk bed mattresses which can be used for all types of metal bed frames. Nearly all of them were rated highly by certified customer purchases. But if you have not purchase the bed frame yet do read out my article on choosing the right bed frame. So don’t wait now, Amazon is offering free shipping on most of them. Buy a mattress now and thus buy your peace and comfort…


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