Best Reclining Office Chairs for Back Pain

Best reclining office chair you should buy

Everyone who work in an office knows the importance of a good office chair. An office chair is not only an integral part of your office furniture; it is a part of your job and directly impacts your health and quality of your work.

Have you ever wondered why does your back and spine ache so much after sitting for an 8 or 9 hours shift on your office chair? Why do you have to spend on massages and pain relieving pills despite having a comfortable chair in your office? The answers to all these questions are linked with the chair you are using in your office.

You need to get a reclining chair which can provide you with not only extreme comfort; it will also relieve you from the back pain, prevent stress by allowing you to stretch and recline during work. But in severe cases of back or neck pains Iíd recommend you to get a regular massage using a massage chair, you can check these consumer reports regarding best massage chairs and pick your desired one.

A good reclining chair releases the pressure on your spinal cord and improves blood circulation along with reducing the joint pain. When you are sitting in a comfortable chair and are fresh, relaxed and focused, your work quality will ultimately improve and so will the results.

For your ease, we are reviewing the best 5 reclining office chairs. These reviews are based on feedback from genuine customers, so this is going to be of great help.

Top 5 Ergonomic Reclining Office Chairs

The top 5 reclining chairs are highlighted below along with their features.

1: Herman Miller Embody Chair – Graphite Frame/Black Balance Textile


  • The chair comes with a warranty of 12 years.
  • It is really helpful in dealing with back pain and keeps you relaxed for longer sitting.
  • The backrest of this chair is adjustable, allowing you to set it as per your posture.


  • The arms of this chair are made from a flimsy material, other than this flaw; this chair has very good reviews and a high level of customer satisfaction.

Herman Miller Embody Chair

The Herman Miller Embody Chair is designed in a perfect way to give you ultimate luxury and ergonomic support for the entire day. If you are looking for an office reclining chair with best features and durable material, then this chair should be your first preference. Moreover, it has been awarded by Fx International for quality design and comfort. It is designed in a way to relax your back, increase blood circulation and keep you comfortable for a longer period of time. The layered support in the backrest does not allow the pressure to build up at one point of your spinal cord and ensure a proper supply of oxygen and blood to your brain which keeps you focused on your work. The adjustable backrest allows you to set it according to the natural curve of your spinal cord and provides support from the base of your spine till the shoulders.

The frame of the chair is solid and made from the finest graphite, the fabric and other material used are carefully tested and is built with utmost care and concern to give you the best experience possible. The chair comes in various colors so thereís a wide variety to choose from. The wheels of the chair are of high-quality plastic, make less sound, and provide you with more traction. The arms of this chair can be easily removed by unbolting the bolts. The seat of this chair is not made of typical hard foam; rather it is made of netting and plastic coils and then covered with high-quality comfortable foam to give you the best seating experience. Once purchased, this chair will go a long way with you, keeping you relaxed and comfortable.

2: Steelcase Gesture Chair, Graphite


  • 3D LiveBack allows this chair to adjust automatically in accordance with the userís movement.
  • The 360-degree rotatable arms give support to your arms in every posture.
  • The carpet casters of this chair allows easy movement.


  • The armrests are stiff and do not feel much comfortable.
  • The chair lacks lumbar adjustment support.
  • The seat pan of the chair feels like it is angled slightly downwards.

Steelcase Gesture Chair, Graphite

Another top of the line office recliner chair is the Gesture Chair from the trusted house of Steelcase. The design of this chair has been crafted in accordance with the movement of your body aiming to provide total support and comfort to your backbone. The controls of this chair are easy to operate and user-friendly, you can control seat height, depth, tensions, and variable backstop. In order to adjust the lumbar support with the angle of the backrest, the high-quality springs on the backrest move in synchronization with your movement. The seat has air pockets which help in providing continuous comfort as per your body weight.

The base of the chair is built with quality materials and is made to last for a longer period of time. The wheels of the chair are made with highest quality plastic and do not wear or tear. The Gesture is designed according to the latest trends and gives a sleek fashionable look. The chair comes fully assembled and is ready to use. You just need to adjust it according to your preferred height and seat depth.

3: Herman Miller Aeron Tilt Limiter Task Chair, Adjustable Vinyl Arms, Graphite Frame / Carbon Classic Pellicle, Size B (Medium)


  • The pellicle design allows the body heat to escape, keeping you cool and calm.
  • The chair helps in dealing the back pain.
  • Multi-directional movement of the armrests makes this chair user-friendly and convenient to use.


  • Some users have reported a rare problem with the lever of the chair highlighting that the chair reclines automatically.
  • The membranous surface of the chair is not very much durable. Users report that it starts to tear down after the chair is used for a period of six months or so.
  • Assembling this model from Herman Miller is a time taking the task.

Herman Miller Aeron Tilt Limiter Task Chair

This reclining chair from Herman Miller is a classic piece of art. The breathable follicles on the seat and back of the chair exhale the body heat and keep you cool and comfortable. The special tilting mechanism installed in this model keep the movement of your neck, backbone, hips, knees, and ankles synchronized and prevent all kinds of strains. The front edges of the seat are designed in such a way that they release the tension off your thighs without affecting the blood circulation, thus keeping your legs and backbone relaxed and pain-free. The ergonomic design of this chair ensures that you can sit on this chair for longer periods of time and stay comfortable.

The tilt limiter installed in this model allows you to adjust the reclining limit. You can choose from three different postures. You can also adjust the angle of the seat with the help of the seat angle adjustment tool, allowing more comfort and customization. The adjustable arms of this chair give you a considerable degree of freedom while setting required height and pivot. The frame is made of graphite, is lightweight and sturdy, providing a strong base to the chair.

4: Herman Miller Sayl Task Chair: Tilt Limiter – Stationary Seat Depth – Stationary Arms – Standard Carpet Casters – Black Base & Frame

Herman Miller Sayl Task Chair: Tilt Limiter - Stationary Seat Depth - Stationary Arms - Standard Carpet Casters - Black Base & Frame

Next up is a basic variant of reclining office chair from Herman Miller. This chair has unframed back and is supported by a Y-shaped stand. The 3D back is made from finest quality plastic. It allows you to relax for a longer period of time. The rubber strands on the back of this chair vary in thickness along the spine areas to provide greater support. The back is made from flexible material and adjusts according to your body weight.

This model from Herman Miller is lightweight and compact because all the parts are hollow and fused into the frame of the chair making it weigh just 37 pounds. The design adds to its aesthetic value, making it a perfect fit in your office or home. A 12-year warranty makes it more reliable and durable.

It is important to highlight that this chair does not offer freedom of settings like other models. The back can be set to only three given settings. The seat depth is also stationary and you cannot adjust it according to your preferences. The armrests of this model are fixed as well. The chair does come in a variety of colors to choose in accordance to the color of your office furniture.

5: Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair, Black

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

The last reclining office chair on our list is from Steelcase and makes to our list because it offers a variety of features. Made from fabric and graphite, this chair offers you luxury alongside various features. The LiveBack technology enables this chair to change the shape of the backrest in synchronization with your changing posture, thus ensuring that you get the utmost support for your spinal cord resulting in reduced back pain and sores.

Thermal comfort technology makes it possible for the chair to release your body heat. If you are worried about the additional back support for your lower back, then this model from Steelcase provides you with an adjustable lumbar option. The natural glide system allows you to recline and still be able to reach your work table, allowing you to have multiple sitting postures.

There is no doubt that this chair offers a variety of features and functionalities but you need to keep this in mind that some users have not rated this chair as the most durable out there. The fabric used in this chair is not of very high quality. It starts to tear down with the passage of time.


An office chair is not anything that you can buy or change repeatedly. It is an integral part of your work. We recommend that you chose your chair very carefully. We are sure that after reading our review, you must be in a position to decide the best reclining office chair.


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