10 Best Selling Rowenta Irons – Your Buyer Guide in 2019

Best selling Rowenta steam Iron Reviews

Rowenta is killing the market with their steam irons! On their assembly line, the main focus is to combine power, precision and performance in one machine. Today I have selected 10 best of the Rowenta irons for reviewing. The market is saturated with various companies which produce irons but what makes Rowenta above all is mentioned below.

Iron is a part of usual household, something on which probably one won’t spend some good money. An inexpensive iron may give you a high voltage shock, as I had once and belive me that hurts so bad. Although, most irons have safety features in them but more often these features fail to work as desired. What’s good in Rowenta is not just the amazing quality of their irons but also them being energy efficient and safer than many others.

Quick List of Top 10 Best Rowenta Irons 2019

Product Name Watts Our Rating Price
1. Rowenta DW5080 Focus Micro Steam Iron (Editor’s Choice) 1700 W Check Price
2. Rowenta DW9280 Steam Force Iron 1800 W Check Price
3. Rowenta DW8080 Pro Master Micro steam iron 1700 W Check Price
4. Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam Iron 1800 W Check Price
5. Rowenta DW2171 Access Steam Iron 1600 W Check Price
6. Rowenta DW9081 Steamium Professional Steam Iron 1800 W Check Price
7. Rowenta DW6080 Eco-Intelligence Stainless Steel Soleplate Iron 1700 W Check Price
8. Rowenta DA1560 Travel Ready Iron 1000 W Check Price
9. Rowenta DW7180 Everlast Iron 1750 W Check Price
10. Rowenta DW2191 Access Steam Iron 1500 W Check Price

Things to keep in mind before purchasing Best Rowenta Iron in 2018

Now if you have finally decided to replace your old, cloth burning iron, then do keep the following things in mind before buying a new one.

Firstly, a stainless steel soleplate would best serve the actual purpose of ironing. The precision tips give the required straight press without any creases. Nevertheless a power efficient iron, would be the best one because most irons takes a lot of energy to heat up. A built-in water tank would be icing on the cake but otherwise would work fine enough. Continuous and regular steam output, is of course, a must, for steam irons.

The Rowenta DW5080 Focus Micro Steam Iron has it all, which made me write about it, above all.

1. Rowenta DW5080 Focus Micro Steam Iron (Editor’s Choice)

Features of Rowenta DW5080

rowenta dw5080 focus micro steam iron

  • Power Consumption: 1700 Watts (efficient than most others)
  • Water tank capacity: 10 ounces, enough to press a lot of clothes at a time
  • Microsteam Holes: 400 Holes, Regular flow of steam, High quality press guaranteed
  • Steam burst: 100 g/min, efficient use of steam
  • Item Weight: Weighs just 3.4 pounds (less than weight of a jumbo cake)

Editor always chooses the best for you. The Rowenta DW5080 is an all in one iron. Enough to prove its quality is the fact that it is made in Germany i.e. high quality parts and superior machinery, fitted by experts. It is a steam iron as well as functions as a normal soleplate iron. Not only it has a three-way automatic shut-off feature which guarantees complete safety, but the Microsteam holes generate a flow of steam which makes your clothes ready in no time.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons.

  • Anti-Drip doesn’t allows water flow at low temperatures (useful for delicate clothes)
  • Self-cleaning system prevents mineral deposit for enhanced performance
  • Auto-shut off feature saves power and makes the machine safer
  • Powerful burst of steam, high quality cloth press
  • Stainless steel, high quality, soleplate, best for ideal press
  • Precise thermostat knob, accurate temperature control for soft fibers etc.
  • The cord is very loose
  • Water leaking problems reported widely

Anti-Calcium system

This is an amazing feature, which I would like to mention separately. Often we use tap water in irons. For a normal iron, this might be okay, but for a steam iron, tap water is as harmful as an acid is to a human. Yeah, you read that right! The most drank liquid around the globe is more of an acid for a steam iron. The reason behind that is the minute amount of minerals in the tap water such as calcium, sodium etc. These elements build up in the boiler of a steam iron and then slowly kill the inside machinery of the iron.

Scary enough! But the good thing is that DW5080 by Rowenta has this amazing anti-calcium and self-cleaning system. These systems prevents the build of calcium, impurities and other harmful minerals in the boiler of steam iron, thus guaranteeing the long life time of your iron.

Final verdict

The Rowenta DW5080 is an amazing German machinery. It has countless pros, and also some cons. Although it has some cons too, but nothing is perfect in this world. The main problem is of water leakage. Many customers reported this problem widely. However, the anti-drip feature might be an ultimate solution to this. A precise thermostat knob is fully ideal for every type of cloth. Be it Nylon, cotton or any other delicate fiber, Rowenta DW5080 has it all covered up for you.

2. Rowenta DW9280 Steam Force Iron

Features of Rowenta DW9280

Rowenta DW928 Steam Force Iron

  • Power Consumption: 1800 watt (Not so efficient but still works)
  • Steam Pump: Helps in putting 30% more steam in material
  • Safety Shut off: 3 way Auto Shut Off Feature
  • Water Tank Capacity: 350 ml, presses 30-40 clothes at a time

Steam irons are always best for quality ironing of clothes. Not just the process of steam ironing is quick but makes the clothes travel ready in no time. Rowenta, has a name in producing electrical equipment such as iron. I have personally used irons by Rowenta and I am satisfied by them. The DW9280, an amazing piece of machinery is here for you. It is a steam iron with specific SteamForce technology. This technology produces regular, periodic and powerful output of steam.

  • One Touch Digital Control makes auto sets the thermostat for required material
  • An ultra-thin coating on the soleplate makes it scratch resistant and non-stick
  • Vertical steam press allows easy pressing of wall curtains etc.
  • Motion sensors stop steam output when iron is not in use, thus saving your energy
  • Self-cleaning technology to prevent build up of harmful minerals in boiler
  • Water leakage issues reported widely
  • Heat element failures in some case

LED Indicator

I am in love with the LED indicator of this steam iron. Although, it is just a small feature but very helpful. Usually, while using steam irons, users approximate 10 minutes after turning it on and then use it. This ensures that the iron is warm enough and boiler has produced enough steam to iron your clothes. However, this approximation may go wrong, therefore, Rowenta added a small LED in their iron. This LED turns on when the iron is warm enough and has the required level of steam. One touch control makes things furyther easier for users.

Final Verdict

Rowenta DW9280 is an iron which you must consider if you have plans of replacing your old iron. Although, the water leakage issues are reported widely but this is purely a matter of improper handling of machinery. More often, people start using the vertical press feature before even the water has boiled to team. This would obviously cause water dripping from the water tank. If you can handle the DW9280 in a proper manner, Rowenta guarantees quality press in no time.

3. Rowenta DW8080 Pro Master Microsteam iron

Features of Rowenta DW8080

Rowenta DW8080 Pro Master Microsteam iron

  • Power Consumption: 1700 Watt (Just an average power consumption)
  • Water Tank Capacity: 12.7 ounce water tank
  • Cord Length: 7 foot length of cord (best for high height applications)
  • Warranty Description: 1 year limited warranty
  • Pivot Rotation: 360 Degree Pivot rotation
  • Micro-holes: 400+ micro holes for powerful steam output
  • Steam Burst: 150 g/min

Rowenta high quality irons never fail to surprise their customers. The dual purpose irons have no problems in general, only if they are taken care of. Furthermore, Rowenta has integrated the self clean system in many of their irons which means that users have to no longer worry about harmful minerals build up in the boiler tank of iron. The DW8080 Pro Master machine, as it’s name implies, is a master in ironing and it will leave no wrinkles on the clothes, when once pressed.

  • Precision tip of the iron can fully press the collars and other small areas
  • Vertical steaming easily possible due to long cord
  • Stainless steel soleplate, scratch resistant and withstands high heat
  • 3 way Auto Shut off
  • Comfortable grip means that you can press easily enough
  • Not a good steam output
  • Leakage problem still existing in Steam iron

Auto Shut-Off Feature

Every Rowenta iron has something special in it and so does the DW8080 has. The Auto Shut-Off feature is something which saves your energy, as well as your iron (from damage due to high heat). Many customers reported that this feature gave the heating elements a longer lifetime than usual. Let us explain to you, the working of this feature. If the machine is left vertical for any longer than 8 minutes, it shuts off automatically. For horizontal stagnancy, this time is even less i.e. 30 seconds. The reason for increased vertical timeout is just that vertical stagnant applications are more than horizontal ones.

The comfortable grip makes the ironing operation even easier…

Final Verdict

Well giving a verdict about this product might be difficult. Putting customer reviews in front of me, DW8080 is a better iron than most others except those childish problems like “water level is hard to view” Like what even? What do you have to do with the water level when you can easily refill it when required. Other than that, vertical steam output is a bit less which might be a problem. Leakage problems were again reported but as always, this is just improper handling.

4. Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam Iron

Features of Rowenta DG8520

Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam Iron

  • Power consumption: 1800 Watt (Better efficiency as compared to the features)
  • Power Cord: 1.9 meter length, ease of use
  • Water tank: 47 ounces, enough for continuous ironing up to 1.5 hours
  • Steam Output: 80 grams per minute, 100 grams if Ecosave mode is turned off

Irons were famous of their heavy weights and thus best known for removing wrinkles and creases. However, heavy weight was not the perfect solution to removing the wrinkles of clothes and scientifically speaking, it’s just the pressure which presses the clothes. Rowenta took a step ahead and they invented a lightweight but more pressure creating iron. THE DG8520, creates extra ordinary pressure of 5 bars. This ideally removes all the creases in your clothes. Cool enough…nah? If you still aren’t satisfied, you must know about this special feature of DG8520.

  • Easy to refill, removable water tank
  • Digital Control Panel, easy to read and control the iron
  • Safety Lock system, no risk of iron falling from stand
  • 400 Microsteam holes ensure quality press in time
  • The precision tip is able to cover smaller areas of delicate fibers
  • LED light blinks up when there is a need to refill the tank or remove calcium
  • Eco-Save mode saves 20% of energy and power consumption
  • Easy user interface
  • You will have to spend a handsome amount of money to buy it
  • The grip of this iron is not comfortable, not suitable for continuous ironing applications

Calcium away system

Up till now we were talking about self cleaning and automatic cleaning mechanisms. Still a machine cannot be intelligent enough to clean up itself. These systems were still creating problems of leakages etc. Therefore DG8520 has anotherr intelligent calcium away system. This allows the users to clean up the machine themselves but also alarms the users when calcium levels are reaching a dangerous limit, by an LED. The LED light blinks up as soon as calcium and other mineral deposits are above a certain level. All you have to do after the LED blinks is that, unscrew the collector and put it under running water.

Water tank is removable and that makes your life even more easier. You don’t have to carry the iron with you every time for refilling it.

Final Verdict

Ah so your irons are probably costing you a lot. It is a fact that often irons take up a lot of power. Although, Rowenta irons in general consume less than 1900 Watts of power, however, the DG8520 has an amazing Eco-Save mode. This mode helps save power by 20%. Not just this feature forces me to write a positive verdict about it but the Calc away system mentioned above is a great benefit. Yes, for all these features and a reliable, long lasting machine you will obviously have to spend some money. However, I can guarantee that it is only a one-time investment. 

5. Rowenta DW2171 Access Steam Iron

Features of Rowenta DW2171

Rowenta DW2171 Access Steam Iron

  • Power Consumption: 1600 watt (less than average consumption, energy efficient machine)
  • Auto Shut off: 3 way auto shut off feature (specific timings for vertical and horizontal stagnancy)
  • Microsteam Holes: 300 Microsteam holes, steam efficient too!
  • Water tank capacity: 8.45 ounces of water
  • Steam Burst capacity: 100 g/min. Increased steam burst ensures quality press

Steamers and steam irons always give me the best feel while pressing. You literally have to do nothing and even the most delicate of fibers are ready in very less time. Rowenta steam irons are always quality products except a few leakage problems which were reported lately. Rowenta worked on this complain and the result was an amazing steam iron. Let’s discuss the Rowenta DW2171. It is an intelligent machine with some cool features. Although the fact is that, it is a smaller iron than others and that’s why it consumes less power and has less micro-steam holes. Still, it irons the clothes well, as required.

To convince you into buying this product, I would explain an “intelligent” feature of this machine.

  • Anti Drip system prevents all type of water leakages
  • 3 way Auto Shut off makes the machine energy efficient
  • Less power consumption than many other irons
  • Integrated Anti Calcium and Self cleaning systems, thus reliability guaranteed
  • Auto Set Thermostat decides the appropriate temperature for each fiber type
  • Precision tip to help press under side of shirt collars etc.
  • Less microsteam holes than usual irons
  • Steam option does not works on lower heat settings

Auto Steam Thermostat

It often happens that due to lack of information about temperature requirement for a particular cloth, we end up burning it instead of pressing it. To prevent this happening, Rowenta integrated an Auto Steam Thermostat option in DW2171. This feature is able to automatically detect the required temperature for any type of cloth. Not just it detects the temperature but also sets the thermostat at a safe value. Now don’t you blame your iron when you burn your suits due to your mistake ;).

The high water tank capacity of 8.45 ounces allows easy press all day…

Final Verdict

Well, this is the most interesting part of a product. Do you know why? Because this is what decides whether one should buy a product or not? and sorry for this Rowenta, but this steam iron is a big NO! Although the pros are out listing the cons but still… The major problem with Rowenta DW2171 is that it gets over confident sometimes.

Actually, the iron has three modes and it emits steam only on High mode and not on the delicate or normal mode. How bad is that one cannot steam wool or polyester or even cotton with this machine. The burst of steam option was found working with either of the modes but I don’t think anybody would be able to press a button for the whole time they iron! Plus it has all the features of a regular Rowenta iron and nothing new except the over confident Auto Steam Thermostat! So pardon me again for this Rowenta, but this machine failed to meet your high standards.

6. Rowenta DW9081 Steamium Professional Steam Iron

Features of Rowenta DW9081

Rowenta DW9081 Steamium Professional Steam Iron

  • Power Consumption: 1800 watt (Perfectly normal)
  • Warranty Description: 1 year limited warranty
  • Microsteam holes: 400+ Microsteam holes for perfect press
  • Size: 11-2/5 by 5 by 6 inches, easily fits in the corner of a cupboard
  • Water Tank Capacity: 10-4/5-ounce water tank with Anti Drip technology

Traditional irons were a real pain. Heavy weight, no built in water tank, and no option of steaming too! Well that was too bad, but thank God it was just was and fortunately not now. Anyways, lets come back to our product i.e. the Rowenta DW9081.

Rowenta recently added this surprisingly featureful iron in their unbeatable collection. and before I start on it, just know that it has the SteamForce Technology, which automatically means that the steam output is 30% more than usual. The best part of SteamForce Technology is that one can increase the steam output when required. This not only makes the machine energy efficient but it also saves water in the boiler tank and there are less chances of mineral deposits when operated at less temperature.

  • SteamForce technology helps in nearly 30% more steam at the ouput
  • Anti Drip feature makes your iron safe from water leakages
  • Self cleaning and anti calcium system ensures longer lifetime
  • 3 way auto shut off feature saves energy
  • Dry iron option gives even neater press
  • One touch LED display, user interface made easier
  • One touch controls for temperature settings
  • Steam output is less than required in automatic settings
  • Faulty cord reported in some cases

Dry iron option

Using a steam iron is not just the only way to press a cloth. Remember what we told you about traditional irons. Yes they were heavyweight because they can also dry iron a cloth. Believe me, dry ironing gives more accurate and neat press rather than steam ironing. Furthermore, the water leakages, which may occur due to steam ironing can damage your iron as well as stain your clothes. Keeping such problems in mind, the experts at Rowenta came up with the option of dry ironing along with steam ironing in one machine. Use what suits you and whenever it suits you. DW9081 also has the option of dry ironing your clothes. And unlike any of the traditional irons, it is lightweight!

Final Verdict

Rowenta managed to come up with a perfect iron this time. Especially the dry iron feature combined with the steam iron is best and even the cost of this iron is not much. You can get it under 100$ from any verified online shopping store. SteamForce/Steam Pump technology gives a good 30% more steam, to give a neat and nice press. However, the automatic settings seems to be a bit more automatic. The steam output is not enough in auto mode of the machine, but anyways you can turn off this mode and simply use the high quality one touch LED Display to work with any type of fibers. On average, I would rate it, 4.5 out of 5 stars.

7. Rowenta DW6080 Eco-Intelligence Stainless Steel Soleplate Iron

Features of Rowenta DW6080

Rowenta DW6080 Eco-Intelligence

  • Power Consumption: 1700-watt (normal power consumption)
  • Micro holes: 400+ micro holes, efficient steam output
  • Auto Shut off feature: 3 way auto shut off feature
  • Burst of steam: 100 gram/min
  • Product Dimensions: 12.6 x 5.7 x 7.1 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.46 pounds

Eco-intelligent machines, especially irons were badly required. This is because steam irons usually cannot provide enough required steam output. Rowenta came up with the DW6080, an Eco-intelligent machine. It has three modes, dry, Eco-mode for energy saving and the third mode is boost mode. Dry mode is best for normal ironing while the Eco-save mode saves energy when required. Boost mode will press all stubborn wrinkles in no time. Stainless steel soleplate guarantees a neat press. Rowenta DW6080 is best known for dual handed use. One can easily use it whether they are right handed or left handed. Lets talk about the exceptional thing in this iron.

  • Stainless steel soleplate is completely scratch proof for a long lasting machinery
  • Precision tip gives a neat and high quality press where soleplate cannot reach
  • Vertical steam action allows pressing hung garments
  • Anti Drip technology safes the machine from electrical shocks due to water leakages
  • Self cleaning system to prevent harmful mineral build up
  • 3 different modes
  • Guaranteed energy saving
  • Steam leaves a lot of residue which sticks on fabrics
  • Does not auto starts up when once auto shuts off

Eco-Intelligence Iron

Let us tell you that the Eco-intelligent system practically guarantees 100% efficiency of the machine and even on the normal mode, it is able to straighten out most of the creases. However, there is a special Eco-intelligent mode which will save electricity bills. In this mode, approximately 25% less energy is consumed. The soleplate is designed in a perfect way. It has a 3D design which concentrates steam as soon as the water starts boiling. In this way, only the required amount of steam comes at the output. A simple throttle like button can be pushed upwards to turn on the Eco Mode.

Final Verdict

Let’s not make things any more generic. Let’s get specified to what the customers and users said about this product and that will actually decide the verdict for it. And guys, yeah it is worth buying for. The Eco-intelligent mode along with anti-drip technology, they both actually work. Though some people complain about the self-cleaning system because steam is still leaving a lot of excess unwanted residue but this only occurs when you press the burst-of-steam button for longer times. In this case the auto clean system is overburdened and cannot process more steam so residue deposit occurs. Other advantages follow. In short this is an iron which you should replace with your older one. Oh and did I forget to mention that this iron received a high rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars by the users!

8. Rowenta DA 1560 Travel Ready iron

Features of Rowenta DA 1560

Rowenta DA 1560 Travel Ready iron

  • Power Consumption: 1000 watts (much less than average)
  • Water tank capacity: 2 ounces (enough to iron for 30 minutes to an hour)
  • Voltage working range: Wide global working voltage range (120-240V)
  • Microsteam holes: 200 holes, provide enough steam output
  • Variable Steam: Yes!

Rowenta irons are always a masterpiece. Nicely designed, with perfect ergonomics and most of them are even energy efficient machines. This is what actually makes Rowenta above all. The DA1560 travel ready iron is an amazing machine. As its name suggests, it is a travel ready machine i.e. you can easily pack it up in your luggage and take it with you on vacations. This slim and sleek iron is able to perform all traditional ironing tasks as well as steam ironing. Dry ironing is the best part with Rowenta DA 1560. It glides in such a lavish way, it’s just so satisfying to see an iron glide like that. Well every Rowenta iron is missing without a special feature in it, so let’s discuss the special feature of DA 1560 Travel ready iron.

  • Small but feature full, steam burst, variable/vertical steam etc. included
  • Transparent water tank, easy to check water level in the tank
  • Foldable handle makes the iron easy to store
  • Full range thermostat allows to press any and every type of fiber
  • It is rather cheap than many others
  • No Auto calcium cleaner or self-cleaning option
  • Foldable handle is not of good quality

Travel Ready in every way possible!

Fortunately or unfortunately, the special feature of tis amazing iron is hidden in the very name of the iron i.e. it is travel ready and for that purpose, Rowenta designed it perfectly. This iron is able to fit in a travel pouch, which comes within the package. For compact sizing, the handle is able to fold. Therefore, this iron would easily fit in a corner of your luggage bag. The water tank is not much of capacity, but that is actually what makes it suitable for travel plans. The best part is yet to come. Yes and by this I mean the dual voltage working range of this iron. One can operate this iron at 120 or 240 volts. So practically, you can operate at any place around the globe. With all that features, it consumes lesser power than average so it saves your money too!

Final Verdict

The final verdict about this travel ready iron is neither positive nor negative. It is a difficult choice to make. If you are up for a one-time investment and a long lasting product then this might not be the one suitable for you. This is because we see a major defect in it i.e. absence of an Auto Calcium cleaner. Also no option is given for self cleaning the boiler tank of this iron which means that there will be a constant mineral build up in the boiler tank which reduces the lifetime of the iron. However, if you want to buy more of a “disposable” iron just for a year or two or just for your vacation plans, then I would recommend that you can get no better than DA 1560.

9. Rowenta DW7180 Everlast Iron

Features of Rowenta DW7180

Rowenta DW7180 Everlast Iron

  • Power Consumption: 1750 watts of power (approximately average power consumed)
  • Microsteam holes: 400+ fully active microsteam holes, fine and strong steam output
  • Water tank capacity: 12 ounces water tank
  • Cord length: 8 foot cord length
  • Warranty description: 1 year from the date of purchase

More Rowenta irons are yet to come. Well according to me the Everlast iron has everything to make it best for every type of application. Be it travel ready, a nice precision tip or steam output, DW7180 is perfect in every aspect of construction and features. It has nicely designed ergonomics so you don’t feel any pain even if you iron for long and long period of times. With an average power consumption, just like most of the other irons, it is an energy and time efficient machine. 3 way auto shut off should not go unnoticed which saves even more energy when the iron realizes that it is no more being used.

Rowenta always tries to surprise their customers by adding new features in their irons or improving the previous ones to a better level. They even did that with the DW7180. Interested to know it. Well then, read on…

  • Removable, patented calcium collector
  • Clears approximately 100% impurities in every way possible
  • 3 steaming options to suit various applications
  • Precision tip guarantees straight under collars and cuffs
  • Wide range of temperatures, ergonomic thermostat knob
  • Auto shut off feature saves energy
  • Cord length is short
  • Fairly high price

Patented Limescale Collector

The self cleaning calcium system, and auto-calc remove feature were not working optimally in recent days. Rowenta improvised this feature by introducing a limescale collector. Best part is that they have that patented now so you wont be sold fake copies of such irons. Let’s comeback to the feature.

This limescale collector works in a simple way! It can handle high level of steam even for longer times. No matter how much the water is hard (hardness defines mineral composition), this calcium collector would work best. It collects and stores approximately 1 teaspoon of calcium per 3 months (may vary depending upon water hardness). You can then clear the calcium when required. For large pieces of calcium r other impurities in water there is a flush system integrated in the iron so as to purify your iron.

Final Verdict

Rowenta continues to guarantee high quality for their customers but in turn they demand complete care of the iron. for this purpose a complete instruction manual is included with the product. However, most people don’t give a shit to it and then complain about the product quality. Now overfilling the water tank, or filling it while the iron is still hot, badly corrodes the inside of iron which some customers are reporting. The product itself has no problems at all. Yeah it is priced high but it is just because of the features it has. Practically, no impurities are left inside the boiler tank. And do note to clear the lime collector frequently so it can works optimally.

10. Rowenta DW2191 Access Steam Iron

Features of Rowenta DW2191

Rowenta DW2191 Access Steam Iron

  • Power Consumption: 1500 Watts (less than average power consumption)
  • Water tank capacity: 8.45 ounces of water
  • Microholes: 300+ Microholes for fine steam output
  • Auto-Shut off feature: 3 way auto shut off
  • Burst-of-steam: 100 g/min output of steam

Rowenta steam irons, are always high quality. They have less average power consumption than most of the other irons available in the market. The Rowenta DW2191 is an amazing add on in the collection of Rowenta. It is a steam iron with many features. It has an amazing construction of stainless steel material which is completely scratch proof. It heats up fully in no time and gives a high quality neat press. It has a high capacity water tank which can easily press a number of clothes in a single run. The special feature of this amazing iron, due to which it qualified to be in the list of top 10 irons is mentioned below.

  • Vertical steam available for drying garments and pressing wall curtains
  • Precision tip is able to press under collar areas, neat and nice
  • Auto-steam feature detects the required steam temperature for every fabric
  • Self cleaning system, built in calcium cleaner to make the iron free from impurities
  • Anti-Drip feature specially introduced to stop water leakages
  • Spray button is located on the left side, not suitable for right handed users
  • The iron has plastic handle which gets very warm

Adjustable cordreel

Rowenta irons and most of the others have the problem of cord length. A shorter cord length creates much problems for the users because more often the electric supply switch is not very near to the iron stand. Other times, problem occurs when you take irons with you on a travel plan. At that time the electric switch wont be located at your convenience. This creates a lot of problems for the users. Therefore Rowenta invented the feature, of an adjustable cordreel. An adjustable cordreel means that its just a game of a button which can retract your cord instantly. Furthermore, this adjustable cord can also be locked when required. Thus, pull out the cord at the required length and then lock the button of cordreel. In this way it is easy and convenenat to use the iron anywhere and everywhere.

Final Verdict

The final verdict about DW2191 is fully positive. This is because it has all the good features. With the exception of a plastic handle, which only gets warm when the iron is used for longer periods of time, the iron has everything fine enough. The adjustable cord length feature was something much appreciated by the customers. It is a very lightweight iron and travel ready in one way or the other. The iron is not very huge and no stand is included with it so one can easily put it in a corner of a luggage bag. Steam output, although just with 300 holes, but it gives a neat press. It is able to remove all stubborn creases and wrinkles.

Conclusion to Choosing Best Rowenta Irons

Rowenta is something you won’t regret, after spending money on it. Each Rowenta piece has something special in it that would make you want it desperately but each has it’s own cons too. So just make a checklist of your requirements for an iron and double check it before making a purchase. But we recommend Rowenta DW5080 to be the best iron one should buy.

Rowenta DW5080 Focus Micro Steam Iron


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