Top 10 Best Water Flosser for Braces Reviews 2018

The first thing one does after waking up is flossing their teeth. While regular ways of flossing were getting old and traditional, some companies though of innovating the style of flossing by inventing water flossers. These flossers not only give a refreshing feel but they are also good for our teeth. Making flossing more fun and easy, a famous company waterpik came up with some of the amazing flossers. Thus, in our opinion the best flosser available in the market is no doubt by waterpik i.e. Waterpik ADA Accepted WP-662 Aquarius Water Flosser.

Choosing the Best Water Flosser for Dental Braces

If you have ever faced a dental problem and used braces because of it then you must know the pain of brushing your teeth with a regular toothbrush. Water flossers are an easy way of brushing your teeth even if you have dental braces. Furthermore, these flossers guarantee a clean, refreshing and hygienic mouth of yours, so the question arises that how one can choose the best water flosser for themselves. In this aspect, one should keep in their mind that a water flosser should be a certified one. Most water flossers are not certified and therefore and bad for your health. The ADA (American Dental Association) Seal of acceptance means that it is pretty much, what we would prefer.

Secondly, a flosser should be portable so you can also carry it on a vacation or probably on a business trip. This is because one cannot, and actually one should not, compromise on their oral health. The oral cavity is the main part of our body, which must be taken well care of. Lastly, a water flosser should also have a handsome amount of water storing capacity, thus, it should have more timing.

Product Name Reservoir Capacity (Seconds) Our Rating Price
1: Waterpik ADA Accepted WP-662 Aquarius Water Flosser (Editor’s Choice) 90 Check Price
2. Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser and Sonic Electric Toothbrush 90 Check Price
3. H2ofloss Water Dental Flosser, Dental Oral Irrigator for Family 90 Check Price
4. Panasonic EW-DJ10-A Portable Dental Water Flosser, Battery Operated with Collapsible Design for Travel 40 Check Price
5. Oral Irrigator by Poseidon | Portable, and Cordless Water Flosser with Rechargeable Batteries for Home, Travel, School and Work 40 Check Price
6. Waterpik Water Flosser for Kids and Children 60 Check Price
7. SmarToiletries Water Flosser Professional Cordless 3-Mode Rechargeable Waterproof Oral Irrigator 45 Check Price
8. ShowerBreeze – Water Jet Dental Irrigator 60 Check Price
9. Lavany Oral Irrigator, Professional Water Flosser with 600 ml High-Volume Reservoir and Tips Storage 60 Check Price
10. Waterpik Cordless Advanced Water Flosser 45 Check Price

Why should you use Water Flosser or orthodontic flossers for dental braces?

Mainly two types of flossers are available in the market i.e. water flossers and orthodontic flossers. To give a brief view of an orthodontic flosser, it is more of a modified version of a toothpick.

Both type of flossers fulfil the purpose of cleaning your teeth. Both of them are also used when one has braces fitted. However, dentists recommend both of them for different sub-purposes. Water flossers are recommended, mainly for detailed cleaning of one’s teeth and they can be said as a replacement to toothpastes for the people who have dental braces. The orthodontic flossers are often medicated and these flossers help clear away small bites of food, which are often stuck in small gaps between one’s teeth. A water flosser is usually expensive than an orthodontic one but it serves greater purpose too!

Our Ultimate Picks of Top 10 Best Water Flosser for Dental Braces

Water flossers are always the best choice if you have braces. Therefore, we would like to mention the top 10 water flossers for such people. Waterpik has a greater name in this field so the first best water flosser is none other than the one mentioned as the best one too i.e. Waterpik ADA Accepted WP-662 Aquarius Water Flosser. Let us have a look at its details.

1: Waterpik ADA Accepted WP-662 Aquarius Water Flosser (Editor’s Choice)

Waterpik ADA Accepted WP-662 Aquarius Water Flosser


  • Pressure settings: Many people have sensitive teeth and they feel pain even if more pressure is applied to their teeth. WP-662 supports 10 pressure settings. With the help of these settings, you can easily control the outflow of water at required pressure.
  • Flossing tips: Featuring these seven flossing tips is not just for show off but one must keep in their mind that flossing with braces is a real pain when the water cannot target a specific area. The seven tips, all have different out faces, so you can easily clean your mouth.
  • Water Capacity: It has 90 seconds of water capacity. Floss as much as you can in 90 seconds, and then refill it if required.
  • Voltage Rating: Only meant for North American outlets of 120V AC/60Hz.
  • Warranty: Three-year limited warranty.

Waterpik always produces innovative water flossers. These flossers are packed with some of the most useful features. Now just have a look at the convenient on/off button in the handle. It is a simple on/off button but very helpful when you are flossing. This is because one can easily control the outflow of water with a button.  It has been clinically proven that the WP-662 is 2 times more effective than a string floss for braces. It targets specific parts of one’s teeth and braces to improve gum’s health. The plaque, which often collects on braces, is cleaned no better than WP-662.  This amazing flosser fulfills all the qualities of the best water flosser. It is not only accepted by the ADA, but it is also rather cheap than many others.

Best Known For

A water flosser is best known for flossing only but the WP-662 has something even greater to offer you. This floss is known, best for its water capacity. Usually, the water flossers give one minute of water outflow, which is not enough. The refilling process is “boring” for many users. However, the WP-662 has 90 seconds i.e. a minute and a half of water output. Many dentists recommend this as an ideal time of water flossing so we rate it as the best for this feature.

Ease of use

WP-662 is easy to use, thanks to the convenient on/off button at the handle. It is a push button, which outflows water only when pressed. The flossing tip is long enough so you can easily target specific areas. It has not just one regular flossing mode, but one can switch to the massage mode if they desire to do so. Guaranteed results of 50% healthier gums and teeth are an added benefit.

Effective cleaning and plaque removal

Wp-662 is editor’s choice for a particular reason. The people who used and reviewed it (more than ten thousand) found it to be actually helpful for plaque removal with braces. Many users also compared it with the string/orthodontic floss and reported that effective cleaning of teeth with the WP-662 is much better than a usual orthodontic floss. There is a special plaque seeker tip, which removes bacteria and all type of harmful debris around the teeth.

    • Approved by the American Dental Association
    • Covered water reservoir
    • More than usual timing (90 seconds, usually it is 60 seconds)
    • Three years limited warranty
  • Two modes
    • Requires electricity for working, not portable enough
  • Suitable voltage only for North American users

2. Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser and Sonic Electric Toothbrush, WP-900


  • Water capacity: 90+ seconds. Flossing twice in a day gives guaranteed results
  • Flow rate: 400mL per minute i.e. more pressure and less water consumption from the reservoir tank.
  • Pulse rate: As already mentioned, it has a system of water pulses, the pulse rate is 1400 pulses per minute, which means that there is no chance of plaque leftover.
  • Charging mode: Rechargeable toothbrush.
  • Extras: Five extra heads and jet nozzles included in the package

Two in one product is always fascinating for customers. This is because such products have more features in a single body and they are available at a lesser price than both of the individual products combined are. WP-900 is one such product. It has a water flosser as well as an electric toothbrush in it. Toothbrush meant for people with no braces while the water flosser is helpful for people with braces. An amazing thing about this product is that it has a system of water pulses, which will clean up the debris and remove the bacteria even more effectively. Both the electric toothbrush and the water floss, combine to give you the best effective cleaning and plaque removal as much as possible. Let’s move on to the features part of the product.

Best Known For

Water flossers, when combined with electric toothbrushes, ensure the best dental health, and this is actually, what makes WP-990, above all. The two in one combination is exciting for the customers. Another great thing is that the electric toothbrush comes in two sizes, one for adults and the other one for kids. It is really a wonderful system, which has all the qualities, required for healthy dental health, even if you have dental braces, or not.

Pressure Jet Tip

The jet tip of traditional flosses is too wide which means that the pressure of water is less. Less water pressure is a sign of ineffective cleaning. The harmful plaque, which as gathered around your teeth requires a suitable amount of water pressure to remove, otherwise, it will keep on accumulating there and this is harmful to your teeth. WP-900 is a product, which has a small pressure jet tip. This tip outflows a stream of water with increased pressure. The tip being small uses less water from the reservoir but cleans more. In addition, the reservoir has a capacity of 90+ seconds of water output.

Replaces the manual flossers

WP-900 is an amazing machine. Many customers said that it replaced their manual flossing systems because they were ineffective. In fact, the whole family can use the WP-900. This is because the electric toothbrush is easy to clean and when it bristles, it cleans itself up so other family members can also use it. The instruction manual, which comes with the package, contains other helpful instructions. Different types of tips guarantee healthier flossing than ever.

    • Additional tip storage for safety
    • Two years limited warranty
    • Covered reservoir ensures hygiene
    • Different water settings for beginners to pros
  • Excellent features in a reasonable price
    • Non-replaceable batteries of the electric toothbrush
    • Poor quality cable of the water flosser
  • High-pitched sound of the toothbrush

3. H2ofloss Water Dental Flosser, Dental Oral Irrigator for Family


    • Reservoir capacity: 800ml capacity, 150 seconds timing for a full tank.
    • On/off button: Located on the machine rather than the handle.
    • Pause Button: Located on the handle for easier operation.
    • Tip Storage: Smart tip storage space, can hold maximum 20 tips.
    • Pulse System: Water pulses ranging from 5-110 PSI pressure. 1200 pulses per minute.
  • Implants: Contains special tips for implants.

Dental flossers’ best serve their purpose when one cannot afford to brush their teeth regularly, most probably because braces cause pain when brushed with a proper toothbrush. Moreover, the scratching of a toothbrush can also damage them. H2ofloss is a company, which continues to surprise us with their amazing collection of water flossers. The brand new addition to their collection is H2ofloss Water Dental Flosser. It has an ultra-quiet operation and this will not disturb your sleeping family members. Mostly, water flossers contain at max, 5 additional tips for various purposes. However, the H2ofloss Dental Flosser comes with a pack of twelve multifunctional tips. These tips are classified for several uses. The design of this flosser is probably the most exciting thing about it as one side is designed as such to hold the multi-functional tips and the other one is a reservoir of water. What other exciting features does it have? Read on to know…

Best Known For

The H2ofloss has many great features but is best known for its cheap price and the multi-functional tips. Let us tell you that this amazing water floss is available under $30. Yeah! You read that right, under $30 with such amazing features and so many multi-functional tips, enough for your whole family and enough for every type of use. Be it tongue cleaning or periodontal diseases, or orthodontic flossing, H2ofloss, covers it all for you.

Rotating Tip

This dental flosser has even more surprises yet. Although the on/off button is not located at the handle the pause button at the handle fulfills the purpose. Furthermore, the tip of the flosser is rotatable i.e. it can rotate fully from 1-360°. The rotating tip ensures that no plaque is left in one’s teeth. There is a small button right at the top of the handle of flosser, which starts rotating the tip of flosser. The rotating tip also has another advantage that one can target a specific area of their mouth without actually moving their hand.

Multi-functional Tips:

The multi-functional tips are not just ordinary tips. All are meant for different purposes and they have specific designs for their respective purposes. The four different types of jet tips give different outflow of water based on pressure settings. The periodontal tips are ones which you have often seen at a dentist’s place. These tips are used for plaque removal from molars and premolars. Set aside the tongue cleaner tips which are of great use, just check out the nasal tips. Even more than that, for those freaks who debate over orthodontic flosses and water floss, the company has included an orthodontic tip in those twelve multi-functional tips.

    • Powerful water pulse for effective debris removal
    • More water timing, ideal for perfect cleaning
    • Massaging tips ensure gum health
    • Waterproof machinery guarantees long life
  • Adjustable pressure settings
    • Some leaks reported by customers
    • The tips are not color coded or classified which is confusing
  • The quieter operation is just a fancy show-off

4. Panasonic EW-DJ10-A Portable Dental Water Flosser, Battery Operated with Collapsible Design for Travel


    • Water Pump: Jet pump for fast flow
    • Warranty Description: Two-year limited warranty (terms and conditions apply)
    • Adjustable pressure setting: 2 adjustable settings for various uses
    • Power source: Powered by AA sized batteries
  • Size: 2.7 x 2 x 8.6 inches, small enough to fit in a travel bag

Remember what we told you about the qualities of the best water flosser in the beginning? Yeah, it should be portable, with a lot of water storing capacity. Well, the good news is that the Panasonic EW-DJ10-A has an additional quality with the aforementioned ones i.e. it is cheaper than many others are. Its efficiency, popularity, and usefulness can be proved from the 4.3 out of 5-star rating from the thousands of customers who purchased it. Designed for those who are mostly off for traveling, the EW-DJ10-A is a small portable package, which guarantees safer and healthier teeth than ever. Cordless system also ensures user safety from electric shocks while the pulsating water system helps in efficient bacterial removal. Customers are also satisfied with the waterproof design of this amazing flosser. More features are mentioned as follows.

Best Known For

The Panasonic water flosser is best known for having the qualities of the best water flosser. It is portable enough, as you just have to power it with batteries. Then it has no chance of any type of leakages because the jet pipe is directly connected with the flosser and there is no water pipe in between. Filling water in the reservoir is as easy as filling a water gun of your younger one. By the way, this water flosser is equally beneficial for your children and kids too! Maintaining the cleanliness of a water flosser has never been any easier before because the flosser is small and does not have extra components, which have to be washed frequently. The users of this product are highly satisfied with their oral health before and after using it.

Oral Irrigator

Unlike most of the fancy looking water flossers, this machine by Panasonic creates periodic, powerful pulses of water, which can be targeted at specific areas of mouth to completely serve as a replacement for toothbrushes. This flosser does not ignore the small gaps between one’s teeth and thus it purifies your mouth completely. There is a dual speed pulse system for enhanced and effective debris removal. The lower speed is best for children to use. None of the speed is harmful to bracers or non-bracers.

Portable design

Many water flossers are big and they require continuous electric output from a switch, which makes them non-portable. Therefore, a small portable dental flosser was badly required by people. Panasonic fulfills this requirement by inventing this small portable flossers. It is powered by batteries, which can be replaced when required. The waterproof design ensures that the batteries stay safe and protected forever. The flosser itself can also be easily cleaned and maintained to ensure personal hygiene. All thanks to the portable design of this flosser. Even being so small, the reservoir has enough capacity to provide 40 seconds of complete uninterrupted water output.

    • Less extra components reducing the fatigue of frequently cleaning them
    • Small and portable enough
    • Best water capacity according to its size
    • Fully waterproof design
  • A steady stream of the water at the output is not harsh at teeth
    • Available only in one color
    • No other types of tips included
  • Not long lasting enough

5. Oral Irrigator by Poseidon | Portable, and Cordless Water Flosser with Rechargeable Batteries for Home, Travel, School and Work


    • Jet-stream: Three adjustable power modes for the water jet stream.
    • Turn off: Automatic turn off feature after completion of a two-minute cycle.
  • Capacity of tank: Can hold up to 150 ml of water and 80-85 seconds of water output, at max
    • Release Button: Foldable flosser with a quick release button, so it unlocks easily
  • Voltage Range: 100-240 international working voltage range.

Portability is the best feature one can get in a dental water flosser. Some companies have a name and reputation for the products they make. Similarly, Poseidon is a brand which is famous for toiletries. Water flossers are a part of usual toiletries. Poseidon has recently come up with an amazingly small and portable water flosser. Most of the portable water flossers run on double AA size batteries which are not rechargeable. However, Poseidon has invented a water flosser which has rechargeable batteries. With the help of these batteries, you can easily charge up the flosser when required. The rechargeable batteries ensure that the water pressure is enough at the output. The lithium-ion battery pack promises to deliver high energy and even more power. Above all, it is a portable machine so you can include it with your travel plans. The noise was a great problem in water flossers but Poseidon has solved it all. Read on to know how they did that…

Best Known For

Most dental flossers produce a lot of noise which wakes up your family members which are fast asleep. Therefore, if you really want to buy a quieter dental floss then you should go with Poseidon. It has three working modes. The water output changes at each working mode, but then quietness is a perk of it. The weight of this product is also very less i.e. just 1 pound which makes it travel ready.

Ultra-quiet operation

This amazing dental flosser has three modes in it. Not just for adjustable water pressure settings but also for the noise and vibration levels. The built-in motor of the dental flosser can be adjusted using a simple button located at the handle of the flosser. This button can reduce noise levels up to 50%. Changing to quieter mode will however also decrease the performance i.e. when on the silent mode you cannot have effective plaque removal rather gum massage is best performed in this mode.

Compact, cordless machine

Ease of use is guaranteed by the compactness of this amazing flosser. It is pretty much compact and small in size, however, still, it has a lot of water capacity. This capacity means that one can floss for longer times without fearing that the tank would empty. The three different types of jet nozzles have different output volume of water. Furthermore, it is even cordless and runs on rechargeable batteries, again no fear of electric shocks. The flosser is completely waterproof which results in the long life of the internal components of the machinery.

    • Quieter motor operation
    • Secure tip release button
    • Foldable, compact, wireless and thus clutter free
  • Auto-shut off feature makes it energy efficient
    • Problems with the auto shut off feature
    • Battery power is not enough
  • It does not turn off when once turned on

6. Waterpik Water Flosser for Kids, WP-260


    • Pressure Settings: 3 pressure settings designed according to gums of young children
    • Water capacity: High water storing capacity, 60 seconds of continuous output
  • Warranty Description2-year limited warranty on parts and tips of the flosser
  • Extras: Two extra tips included, 20 fun cling decals which are easily removable

Water flossers are for everyone then why not for kids? Watrpik came up with this great innovative idea of inventing some water flossers particularly for kids. They have light pressure settings so the stream of water is not harsh at the soft teeth of our younger ones. However, the great standards of waterpik flossers are even fulfilled here and therefore this flosser has the same great quality as other ones. Waterpik rivals have failed to produce any such product of that quality level as of waterpik. Flossing is fun with this amazing, fast flosser for kids. Most children who have braces problem will actually love this product of waterpik. Let’s look other useful features it has, specifically for young children.

Global Voltage Compatibility

Most of the previous version of waterpik flossers had a great disadvantage that they were only usable by North American users as the suitable working voltage range was 110V. Waterpik faced much criticism due to this so in the kid’s flosser they thought of integrating a global voltage system i.e. the WP-260 can work at a wide range of voltages from 0-240V. This global voltage range makes the machine very useful and easier to use anywhere around the world. The size of the machine is enough to fit in a luggage bag and thus point being that WP_260 is a portable flossing machine.

Effective plaque removal

The main purpose of a water flosser is that it should clean your oral cavity properly. When it comes to kids, more care is to be taken, this is because kids often eat junk food, pieces of which remain stuck in between the gaps of their teeth which form plaque when it hardens. Therefore, WP-260 is designed as such to throw powerful, pulsating streams of water periodically, at targeted areas which will effectively remove plaque, bacteria, and debris around the braces and gums of children.

Best Known For

The WP-260 is designed specifically for kids and it is best known for the special features it has for kids. First of all, it has an extremely safe electronic safe, kid-proof design. This design makes the machinery completely insulated so there is no chance of any type of electric shocks. Next, the cool clingy decals are loved by kids. Flossing becomes an exciting activity for them due to these decals. Therefore, they floss more regularly which in turn healthier teeth.

    • Invertible water reservoir for increased hygiene.
    • Easy finger-tip on/off control.
    • Orthodontic tip included for clearing targeted areas between gums
    • Classic jet tip for general cleaning purposes
  • Massage mode results in increased gum health
    • The pics are very fragile
    • Problems reported with the motor system of the machine
  • User instruction manual does not contain proper instructions for cleaning the machine

7. SmarToiletries Water Flosser Professional Cordless 3-Mode Rechargeable Waterproof Oral Irrigator


    • Weight: Very lightweight i.e. 1 pound
    • Cleaning Modes: Three cleaning modes defined for a variety of users
    • Power Source: Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • Water pressure: 40-90 PST, 1400 powerful, periodic pulses per minute

Water flossers and oral irrigators are best for ones who have braces fitted in their teeth. They are becoming an obligatory part of toiletries and have replaced toothbrushes much lately. SmarToiletries, recently launched their new product in the market i.e. the Rechargeable Waterproof Irrigator. As its name implies it is a very safe-to-use machine because it is completely waterproof. This also ensures long life of the battery of the machine. In fact, the built-in Lithium-ion batteries give more power and make the flosser energy efficient than ever before. If you are interested in this product, continue reading the article to know its features.

Best Known For

This amazing flosser is only best known for the three modes it has in it. These three modes perform the job of flossing, perfectly. The first mode is normal mode. This mode results in high water pressure at the output, only for experienced users. High water pressure takes less time in cleaning the plaque around gums implants. The soft mode is best for children and those with sensitive teeth. Massage mode results in the least of the pressure. This stimulates one’s gums. It removes 99% plaque, debris, and bacteria all because of the three modes in it.

Jet Tips included

Extra things which come with a product never fails to fascinate their users. The dental flossers by SmarToiletries come with four extra jet tips. These tips produce extra powerful water streams which are best for effective plaque removal around gums. Moreover, this flosser is also well suited for implants. It has been clinically proven that these jet tips help in better results rather than the string floss. Not just one or two, but four extra tips are enough for the whole family. As already mentioned, the water pressure is 40-90 PST. This pressure has further three adjustable settings. One of them is the massage mode. This mode is soft on gums and helps remove a lot of plaque.

Auto shut off feature

The auto shut off feature, is available in very fewer flosser machines these days. This feature has great uses in a flosser. It saves energy, water and your time also. The smart timer feature in this amazing flosser automatically turns off after 2 minutes. In this way, you can save your energy and also the after in the reservoir. Being waterproof makes the machinery very safe and long lasting. Furthermore, it is noise proof, so your family members enjoy a peaceful sleep, while you floss.

    • On/off button located at the handle, convenience of use
    • Three modes with LED indicators
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Improves gum bleeding problems, bad breath and tooth decay problems
  • Use in shower easily, it is waterproof
    • Max 90 PST pressure is not enough
    • Not much water capacity
  • Battery timing is less

8. ShowerBreeze – Water Jet Dental Irrigator


    • Material: Chrome plated brass, long lasting, strong material
    • Two in One: Shower Cum flosser, do both at the same time, or even one at a time
    • Power Source: None required, works on running supply of water
  • Reservoir tank: No such tank, connects with running water

Latest scientific studies prove that simple brushing and regular flossing is not enough for complete dental care. Some plaque and debris always remain stuck loosely in between the teeth and gums, which causes bleeding when you brush. This bleeding is very painful for those with sensitive teeth. Therefore, recently some companies came up with intelligent devices i.e. the water flossers. These machines throw small, powerful streams of water which are not so harsh on one’s teeth.  Not only this prevents bleeding but also helps remove the plaque which is the actual cause of bleeding. ShowerBreeze is a company which continues to surprise us with their amazing products. Recently, they came up with ShowerBreeze – Water Jet Dental Irrigator. This water flosser has some amazing features as mentioned below.

Best Known For

ShowerBreeze, as the very name implies, take a shower and breeze your teeth at the same time. Although many people complained that this flosser forces you to take a shower every time you floss, but it has such settings where you can turn off the shower output and floss only. Cleaning the system is also much easy, just let the water for a few minutes and it is all clean. Many customers reported that they used the flosser regularly, so it stayed clean and pure for months. The innovative idea of the flosser working by running water was loved by many users.

Water Shower cum flosser

Flossing is even more fun when you can shower along with. This amazing device works with a supply of running water i.e. you can connect with a water pipe outlet. This feature is very beneficial as this saves one from the fatigue of cleaning the reservoir tank (found in most of the usual water flossers). Furthermore, you can get water output at a suitable temperature. Not only this but this feature helps save sink space and energy, because it requires no such power source. Good news is that one can even turn off the shower feature while they are flossing.

Complete Dental Plan

ShowerBreeze is not just another flossing device but there is a complete dental plan with it. If you follow it regularly, this flosser has been clinically proven to help some dangerous tooth diseases such as halitosis, gingivitis and periodontal disease. All such gum diseases will end soon, only if you floss regularly for two to three minutes completely. The volume control feature gives you even more freedom. One gets to have complete on/off and everything in between. Immediate results are guaranteed with this flosser

  • Cheap than many other flossers
  • Power, energy and time efficient
  • No risk of bacterial growth in “water reservoir”
  • No specific setup required
  • Saves your sink from a mess of extras of a flosser
  • Tightly coiled hose pipe saves space
    • Nozzles don’t create enough required pressure
    • No system of water pulses
  • Low quality and less tips included with the package

9. Lavany Oral Irrigator, Professional Water Flosser with 600 ml High-Volume Reservoir and Tips Storage

    • Water Capacity: 600 ml storage capacity, enough for three people when full
    • Pressure settings:10 quick pressure settings for a variety of users
    • Nozzles: 3 standard nozzles included within the package
  • Dimensions: 8” x 9”x 4”, easily fits in a travel bag

Oral health is very important because whatever goes into your stomach, goes through your mouth. If you have a healthy oral cavity, means you will have a healthy stomach and otherwise. Lavany Company realized this aspect of human health and therefore they produced an oral irrigator/ water flosser to help clear long stuck plaque, debris and bacteria inside our mouth. The various tips included in the package, all serve a unique purpose which is necessary for one’s mouth. It’s a 2018 special edition, grab it before it ends. But before that do give a look to its features.

Best Known For

The Lavany flosser is best known for the UV cleaning system in itself. Most flossers are not accepted by a majority of people because they are not hygienic enough. One can only clean the tips by washing them but Lavany has introduced a system of UV rays. This system cleans up the flosser when not in use. It is actually a steriliser which will kill all the germs 100%. The slight problem with the UV light is that it stays on all the time, however this ensures the hygiene and cleanliness.

Purposely Designed Nozzle Storage Lid

Giving extra nozzles and tips with flossers is a common practice of many companies. However, many of these companies do not provide appropriate space to store these nozzles which makes them of no use. However, Lavany has included a specially designed nozzle storage lid with the flosser which helps you to easily store the lids. In this way, the lids remain clean and hygienic to use. The proper storage space also means that they won’t get lost.

Splash Proof Design

Most water flossers are a fuss to use because they create water splashes. Although children enjoy them this wastes water and the parents, they don’t like it either. So Lavany came up with a splash-proof design. Whether you fill the flosser completely or half, it has the certification of IPX6 waterproof rating. Being waterproof also makes the machinery long lasting and thus, water won’t splash out because there are no internal leakages. Lavany offers you a completely safe and smoother operation than ever.

    • Extra tips, tongue cleaners, orthodontic nozzle, plaque nozzle etc. to give you complete dental protection
    • Large water storage capacity, three people can easily use it.
    • UV Steriliser for easy and safer, guaranteed hygiene
    • Carrying case included for making it travel ready
  • Pressure settings with 10 ranges, best for children and elders
    • It is pretty much noisy
    • No continuous stream option, pulsating water is the output
  • Some problems with the motor

10. Waterpik Cordless Advanced Water Flosser


    • Flossing tips: Four extra tips included for better cleaning
    • Water Capacity: 45 seconds of continuous water output
    • Pressure settings: Three adjustable pressure settings
    • Voltage: 100-240 Global voltage working range
  • Power Source: Rechargeable battery system

ADA seal of acceptance means that a water flosser is fully certified to use and although this seal of acceptance is enough about a flosser still we will talk more about this amazing brand new flosser by Waterpik i.e. Waterpik Cordless Advanced Water Flosser, Brilliant Black. Healthier gums and whiter teeth, we all want them right. Though brushing seems a difficult option if you have braces, a water flosser will fulfill that purpose. This flosser by Waterpik is a small and compact one and the amazing part is that it is cordless and rechargeable. Let’s move on to its features.

Best Known For

The Waterpik Cordless Advanced Water Flosser is best known for its extremely quiet operation. It does not create unnecessary noise. It also has the best rechargeable technology through a 4-hour rapid magnetic charger. It is also accepted by American Dental Association.

Complete Tip Rotation

Easy access to your whole mouth with the amazing compact Waterpik cordless flosser is now possible. This is because Waterpik has introduced a system of complete 360-degree tip rotation which means that now you can target specific areas of your mouth.

Supreme Braces cleaning

This cordless floss is ideal for people who use braces. This is because it can effectively remove plaque up to 3 times better than other flosses around the braces. It has been proved better than the string floss with orthodontic tip.

  • This floss is effective for people with implants. It is twice as better than string floss.
  • Consistent use of 14 days improves gum health significantly.
  • It offers a unique combination of water pressure and pulsation to clean in between the spaces of teeth
  • It can easily rechargeable and conveniently portable for your traveling needs.
  • It can be completely recharged within 4 hours.
  • It is comparatively of a bigger size than other brands.
  • The water reservoir may need to be filled frequently during use.

Conclusion – Choosing the Best Water Flosser:

So, this is our take on some of the best water flossers for braces. However, the needs of each individual may be different. And all of this largely depends on the age and gender of the user. Special pressure settings are integrated into many flossers for use of younger children, so what is best for one might not suit the other. We hope you find the best one for your pretty smile.

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