How Electronic Cigarettes Help Quit Smoking?

How Electronic Cigarettes Help Quit Smoking

It is no coincidence that cigarette sales have started to decline with a rise in demand for vapes and electronic cigarettes. The entire idea behind the development of this technology was the fact that cigarettes were found to lead to life threatening diseases when used over a long period of time. In fact, the inventor of the first ever proper E cigarette, Hon Lik, himself found the motivation to pursue such an idea because his father lost his life due to the toxic habit of smoking. The invention in 2003 has ever since lead to millions of people to quit smoking altogether.
How these devices do this, is a matter of general debate and the reasons are many. Some of these reasons are:


Admitting that there is a problem is the first step towards solving it. Many smokers are in denial of the fact that cigarettes are a major reason for fatal diseases. It is this faction among smokers that negate the argument about cigarettes leading to death by saying that death is inevitable. Well, death may not be a choice, but quality of life is.
The widespread campaigns that promote e cigarettes over cigarettes help people to understand that the ability to quit smoking is not one that is developed easily. Not just that, it actually helps them come to terms with the fact that smoking is not just their problem, but a widespread phenomenon. This further motivates them to seek help, and accept e cigarettes into their life as a part of their journey against smoking. To help in spreading the awareness and words most of the vape companies as retailers or vape wholesaler in UK and USA both are putting efforts for the change toward the betterment.


Smoking is addictive. It is this addiction that makes it ever more difficult to quit and anyone who knows addiction knows that it does not go away quickly. The cases are even worse when it comes to drugs such as nicotine and tar. The key to letting go of such a habit is to deal with it in small steps. You cannot just quit cigarettes and expect to go without the nicotine fix for a very long time. You will eventually give in.
With e cigarettes, however, comes the liberty to alter your nicotine content. This means that you can start e cigarettes are a lower nicotine fix than what you are used to, and then eventually lower it down to a degree where you can effectively let go. Although this takes time, but this is the most effective way to deal with any addiction.

Substantially Reduced Damage

Some people might not be willing to try e cigarettes to quit smoking because they may feel that the “eventuality” factor may mean that they still have to keep smoking for a very long time before they can let go, so why even start with such a long procedure when you just have to keep smoking. The answer to this is that although they may still be a little harmful, e cigarettes are much less harmful than cigarettes and research shows a negative relationship between them and life-threatening diseases. This is because e cigarettes contain no tar or other harmful metallic compounds that have been proven to be carcinogenic.


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