Facts You Should Know About Cocaine

facts about cocaine

Cocaine is extracted from coca leaves. It is an addictive and an illegal drug. It is found in the form of crystal powder and is mixed with talcum powder, corn starch or sugar. Sometimes other drugs like procaine and amphetamines are also mixed with it. Here are different methods that can explain better how cocaine is used.

Different Ways Of Using Cocaine:

  • Snorting:

As it is in the powder form, the user can snort it through the nose. Some people rub it on their gums.

  • Injecting:

It can be mixed into the water and injected into the veins.

  • Speedball:

When cocaine and heroin are blended together, they are called a Speedball. People use it for injecting purpose.

  • Crack:

Another way of using cocaine is to smoke. Cocaine is processed and converted into the rock crystal. It is also known as freebase cocaine. After the making of the crystal, it is heated to form vapors. These fumes are then inhaled into the lungs. This practice is called crack which is derived from the sound that it makes when heated.

How Fast Does Cocaine Work?

effects of cocaine

It can start working within minutes. It depends on the method of taking cocaine. Snorting takes more time than smoking. Snorting may take a number of minutes, but smoking the crack works within seconds. If it is taken orally, it can take about half an hour to start its work. Though, smoking and injecting work faster but the high created by the snorting lasts longer. The high caused by snorting of cocaine lasts 15 to 30 minutes. Whereas, the high created by smoking lasts 5 to 10 minutes.

How Does Cocaine Work In The Body And Brain?

When cocaine is taken into the body by inhaling, snorting or injecting, it goes into the bloodstream and thus reaches the brain. Here cocaine affects the working efficiency of the brain and provides a chemical dopamine to the brain. This chemical generates a feeling which is called euphoria. It increases body temperature and heart rate and can become the reason for heart attack. Cocaine also stops dopamine from reprocessing. This act results in the collection of the high amount of dopamine between nerve cells causing cocaine’s high. People take higher doses of cocaine to maintain the cocaine’s high and to avoid initial withdrawal symptoms. Thus, they become addictive. Some of the withdrawal symptoms of cocaine are despair, lethargy, increased hunger, sleeplessness, and slowed thinking.

Short Term Effects Of Cocaine:

  • Mental attentiveness.
  • Extreme joy.
  • High energy.
  • Developing hypersensitivity to the sense of sight, hearing and touch.
  • Suspecting others.
  • Violent behavior.

Long Term Effects:

The way the cocaine is being consumed determines the long term effects.

  • The damaged sense of smell, difficulty in swallowing, nosebleeds and the recurrent runny nose are caused by the snorting of cocaine.
  • Increased risk of hepatitis C, HIV if cocaine is taken through injection.
  • Decreased blood flow and deterioration of bowels can be experienced if you take cocaine by mouth.
  • Prolonged use can cause Parkinson’s disease.
  • Auditory hallucinations are also experienced with long term use.

However, a difference in long term effects has also been experienced in some people. Some people feel that they can perform their routine tasks more efficiently. While, some people feel completely opposite of it.


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