How Long Does Heroin Stay in Your System

how long does heroin stay in your system

Many people are amazed after knowing that how long does Heroin stay in their system, urine, blood saliva, even after quitting heroin and necessarily does not mean that it is completely washed from body and this makes them ask that how long does it can stay?

A heroin, which is synthesized by the acetylation of morphine, is a very potent addictive drug when given parentally. It is listed under schedule 1 drugs which mean that they are not approved for medical use and they are also not approved by the FDA. Heroin is on the verge of being abused as it is addictive and once you start using, it is hard to quit it. Heroine excites the central nervous system thus exhibits actions like analgesia, euphoria, sedation, and relieves anxiety as well. It is so strong that it leave its withdrawal symptoms after discontinuing it.

How long does heroin stay in your system

The residence time of heroin is different for different body parts which shall be discussed in the sub section.

Heroin’s residence time in various body parts

It is very surprising to know that even if heroin is discontinued it still resides in various body parts and may take up to hours and in some cases up to months to be completely removed from the body system.

  • Heroin stay in your saliva

If the person has consumed this drug via oral route then it is easy to detect its presence through saliva. It stays only for an hour in your saliva and after this it is undetectable.

  • heroin stay in your urine

Depending upon the consumption, the heroine stays for only two and a half hours in the urine of light user but now the question arises that how long heroin stays in the urine of heavy consumers. So, In the case of heavy consumption, the heroine is detectable in urine until 7 days.

  • Heroin stay in your blood

Blood is the common route for the detection of many potent addictive drugs. In the case of the heroin, it only takes 6 hours and after that, no heroine is detectable in the blood stream.

  • Heroin stay in your hair follicles

This is the latest way of detecting the heroine. Heroine stays for about 3 months in the hair follicles so that is why many doctors prefer this test to identify the heroin abusers.

Heroin Withdrawal Last: How Long Heroin Stay In Your System

The picture pasted below will answer the related questions regarding how long does heroin withdrawal last.

heroin withdrawal last

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Factors That Affect The Stay Off Heroin In Your Body System

It is usually said that heroine is still detectable in your blood for five hours after the person has taken it for the last time. However, the plasma concentration decreases to half after 30 minutes. Whilst, there are few factors that will affect that how long will heroin stay in your urine, blood and other body parts. These factors are:

  • Height and weight of the heroin user

Height and weight are used to determine that for how long heroin stays in your system and what is the therapeutic dose. It is generally said that people with short height and average weight usually culminates for longer stay off heroin in the system than people with tall height and bulky body.

  • Amount of heroin consumed

The amount of the drug consumed also plays a pivotal role in its detection in the human system. The more the amount is consumed the more is the time required for its complete excretion.

  • Metabolic rate

Usually, the drugs consumed via oral route undergoes first pass metabolism which means that the drug is metabolized by the hepatic cells before it reaches the blood. So people who exercise daily have much higher metabolic rate and sweeps out the heroine from the body at a much higher rate.

  • Quality of the heroin

Another factor that affects the stay off heroin in the body is the quality of it. Pure heroin is more potent and usually takes longer to be washed away from the body.

Various Types Of Heroin

types of heroin

No matter in which form you take the heroin, you will still suffer from the adverse effects of this drug. People use various administration routes for ingestion of heroin which are the oral route, parenteral or through inhalational method. Apart from these routes heroin exists in few forms which are:

  • Brown Heroin

It is easier to produce than the other kinds and it is also not soluble in water. Brown heroin is also easier to burn thus this form is used for smoking.

  • White Heroin

It is the most refined form of heroin. It is usually injected into the body due to its highly inflammable nature.

  • Black Tar Heroin

Many people smoke, snort or ingest black tar because it is easily available in the market at comparatively cheaper rates.


Binding at MU Receptor

All the opiate receptors bind to mu, kappa, and delta receptors and manipulate the nerve signaling.  When heroin binds to mu receptors it exerts the following actions:

  • Respiratory depression
  • CNS depression
  • Analgesia
  • Sedation
  • Constriction of pupil

Binding at Kappa and Delta Receptors

Binding of heroin at kappa and delta receptors results in spinal analgesia.

Lethal dose of heroin

Usually, the dose of 300 to 500mg is considered as toxic but addicts can tolerate the dose up to 1800mg.

Heroine Detection Tests

heroin detection tests

The following are the tests that are carried out to detect the presence of heroin in the body.

  • Blood Test
  • Urine Test
  • Hair follicle Test
  • Saliva Test

These are the common tests that are approved by the food and drug administration. The newer tests are also conducted which are able to detect the active metabolites of heroin which are the byproducts of hepatic metabolism.

  • Blood test

It is one of the accurate heroin drug tests. It is also the invasive method to detect the presence of heroin in the system. The blood from the body is collected through the veins and is checked for the presence of heroin.

  • Saliva test

This test is only suitable if the user has been consuming heroine through the oral route. A swab is touched to the tongue and the saliva sticks to it. The swab is then tested for the heroin presence.  It is not accurate but it is the non-invasive method.

  • Urine test

As stated above, heroin stays for about two and a half hour in the urine so after this time it is not detected in urine. The urine samples are collected and are sent to the laboratory for the presence of heroin.

  • Hair follicles

Hair follicle test is used to detect the presence of heroin in people who gave up on this drug long time ago.

  • Heroin pen test

This is the latest technique to detect the presence of heroin in the body. All you have to do is remove the contents from the pouch. Now take the collection paper and rub it over the residue area. Take the pen in hand and break the outer cover. Empty the contents of the pen on the sampling paper. If the paper turns purple it indicates the presence of heroin.

Body’s Natural Processes To Flush Out Heroin From The Living System

There are various processes via which you can speed up the flushing process of heroin from the body. These processes include:

  • Drink water

The heroin is adequately soluble in water so when one consumes it, heroin gets solubilizes in water and is excreted out from the body rapidly.

  • Detoxification

Stopping or quitting heroine abruptly can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms so many people prefer the detoxification process in order to avoid these. Detoxification is the fastest way to get heroin out of your system. Usually, in this process, the antidote is given. Naloxone which is the opiate antidote is given during detoxification.

Do You Have Questions Related To Heroin in the Body?

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Further, you can watch the video to learn more about the stay of heroin in our body.


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