How Long Does Hydrocodone Stay in Your System or Urine

How Long Does Hydrocodone Stay In Your System or urine

Before one proceeds with how long does hydrocodone stay in your system, it is important to understand what hydrocodone actually means and how much it can damage the body when it is exposed to it. Basically, Hydrocodone is a pharmaceutical drug which is also very much popular amongst the masses. It is mainly given to the patients when in extreme pain and in some worst-case scenario used as an agent to lessen a chronic cough.
It is not a complete drug synthetic drug but is semi-synthetic as it is a synthesized version of codeine. The codeine which is synthesized to make this drug is actually taken from opium. While using this drug always keep in mind that it majorly affects the receptors i.e. mu-opioid and delta –opioid receptors. It is majorly advised to use this drug with a careful prescription because a little more than required dose can get you in trouble.
For the analysis of this subject the idea of how long these drugs can stay in our body and affect it has to be put into consideration for audience’s knowledge. The hydrocodone does not have a calculated effect on the body as the variants are different in different people. Therefore the aspects and instances each body and individual type have to be studied in detail.

How Long Does Hydrocodone Stay In Your Urine

One must understand that if the study of hydrocodone and its stay in your system is to be researched then one has to take some patience because this process usually takes time. A regular user of this drug will not be able to detect the research since the effects remain in the body for some time so if one is using on the daily basis then the effects will be there. However, hydrocodone withdrawal from the system ought to be tested by the doctor because it can be witnessed in the blood pressure and well as seizures.
If a person has used a good deal of this drug and wants to calculate how long it stays can wait for 3.8 hours for the half-life of this drug elimination. This means that it will take about 7 hours or more for the complete excretion. Only in 3.8 hours, there will be 50 percent of excretion from your body. In the same manner, if you are taking a full ingestion then it will take about 20.9 hours. Here goes your day in tiresome feeling and fluctuating blood pressure!!!
The clearing of the drug from the system does not have a specific time spam as it is relative in terms of patients after proven by research. There are some people who would be able to clear hydrocodone in 18.15 hours. And on the other hand, those who have a slower system will take 22.55 hours. But one thing is for certain that majority will be able to clear the drug out of the system in 24 hours only if not taken again repeatedly.
Another important aspect apart from the general information mentioned above is to discuss some aspects other than the usually conducted research for better understanding of Hydrocodone’s stay in the body. First of all, let us all be very much clear that if two medical students ought to take the same amount of dose to prove it works at the same rate then think again because individual variations are also an important aspect of hydrocodone stay in the body.
For the start consider the age of a person, if a person is young and not on medication then the excretion is fast and simple. In youth, things flow in swing and the organs such as liver and kidney work at their best. But in the case of old people especially above 60 years of age have a problem with circulation of blood to the liver as the beating is slow. Also, there can be an obvious delay because of the other medicines in the process.
The body weight and also your heights are key factors for this sort of research. For instance, if a person is tall muscular and healthy then this dose can be cleared in a small period of time. However, if a small and weak person will take it then it would probably take more time for him to make the clearance. Not just the weight, some people are naturally fast metabolizers while others are not. This is all based on the genetics of a person which can regulate liver enzymes. It is based on this regulation of the liver enzymes due to genetics that some have quicker while others have a slow clearance of this drug. A person with cirrhosis will definitely take an hour or two more to clear the drug because those will healthy liver will function properly.
A physical disability is not what can affect the clearance only; sometimes a bad routine of food for a day can change the rate of clearance. A person with an empty stomach will have more chances of clearing fast then a person who has food in his stomach. The digestion slows the process of clearing. Also, the basal metabolic rate also plays an important role in all of this. Those with fast basal rate will clear the drugs fast and those with slow basal rate will take time. The amount of drugs taken by a person also is very important in determining the speed. If a person is using this drugs for long then his body has a great amount of this drug and its metabolites in the body which slows the process to a great deal. A person using it for once can get rid of it easily.
Most important of them all is urine PH. Some people have acidic urine and for those people, the clearance can take place easily but for those who have alkaline urine must take more time for clearance. With alkaline, there is a process of reabsorbing which slows the process.

How long does 30mg hydrocodone stay in your system?

Hydrocodone is most likely to be picked up in your blood or urine tests in 24 hours after that most labs won’t be able to pick it up. Hydrocodone reaches its peak detection level in urine in 8 hours and after that, the concentration starts decreasing.

How long does 10mg hydrocodone stay in your system?

While decreasing the amount of Hydrocodone taken doesn’t effectively help detection times, it remains in saliva for 12-35 hours and for 3-4 days in urine. However, it can be found about 90 days after taking the dose in your hair follicles.

How long does 5mg hydrocodone stay in your system?

Similarly, with the 5mg dose of Hydrocodone, the detection times are more or less 2-3 days in urine tests, 10-30 hours in saliva tests and less than 90 days in hair follicles. It shows the quickest in blood level which is less than 6 hours and remains about 24 hours.

How long does Hydrocodone take to kick in?

Hydrocodone is a strong painkiller because it attaches to opiate receptors in the brain that prevents you from feeling pain. When taken as prescribed by the doctor, it starts kicking in within 30 minutes but obviously, it could be different depending on body to body.

How long does it take for liquid Hydrocodone to kick in?

For Hydrocodone to start working, it needs to enter your system, dissolve into a solution and be distributed to the sites of action. Liquid Hydrocodone usually takes lesser time to kick as compared to pills because it is already in a solution and it takes around 20-25 minutes to start kicking into your system.

Go for Test

If you believe that you the dose of the drug is not clearing then don’t wait more than 24 hours and take a test by all means. The amount of this drug is important to understand because it may affect the time of clearance too. A half dose will take less them for clearance if one has good metabolizers. According to research a 10 mg dose will approximately take about 4 hours but will reach its peak in the first 70 minutes. But still, due to a number of factors lined up in the above section, it is important that one must take the test:

i- Blood test

The blood test and blood pressure both can help in detecting the clearance. This situation should be handled by doctors at an emergency. Once the blood test is taken then the amount of hydrocodone can be detected along with its remaining metabolites in your body. The test can tell a number of drugs in your body and can help you maintain it.

ii- Urine test

After almost 8 hours the drugs are fully concentrated in the urine and therefore at this time it is best to detect the presence of it by a urine test but the urine test can also be affected by the factors of slow working of kidney or liver, therefore it is not the best option given.

iii- Hair test

This may sound as something not authentic but it is true that the hair test is one of the best ways of detecting the drug use and the clearance from the body. The other test may not be able to detect on the basis of many factors but the hair can tell a lot. Also even if a person has stopped using the drugs, still it can be detected by this test.


To summarize, it is important to understand that there are a number of researchers conducted on this topic. A lot of them have been able to pinpoint the idea of the proper timing of hydrocodone clearance in the body but in reality, a specific time cannot be given. The factors indeed play a major role in the development of these drugs and its metabolites in the body. The aspects such as urine PH, body fat, use of other drugs, age and even genetics play a vital role in the changing of time which can cause a barrier in the complete research. However, these factors are also instances of some research one way or the other.
Drugs are always given in time of intense pain but these are prescribed in accordance to a crucial physical position. The body is not an easy task to handle and calculating the amount of the drugs and making an experiment is not the right strategy to deal with the issue. Use of every drug is bad even it is used for medical purposes. If someone has a chronic cough or any other worse case scenario then the best option is going to the hospital and take the doctor’s prescription first.


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