The Effects of Drug Abuse on Teens

The Effects of Drug Abuse on Teens

Whether we talk of increased cocaine consumption or increasing cases of alcohol, marijuana and heroin abuse, the drug abuse among teenagers and youngsters poses a severe challenge to our society.

Many surveys and thorough studies have noticed that a huge percentage of those who abuse drugs and alcohol are the teenagers still in high school. The studies on drug abuse conducted by several prominent organizations have also revealed the fact that teenagers and adult college students have at least experimented with drugs at once or more, even if they don’t abuse them regularly.

Many folks become addicted to these harmful substances at a young age which then continues into adulthood. A noticeable amount of people at drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers mostly consists of young adults.

Abusing drugs and narcotics such as poppy, heroin, marijuana cocaine, and alcohol badly affect both the physical and mental health of a teenager. The alcohol abuse also leads to various complications.

Some other drugs and their stay in system

The problems that affect the life of a teenager are discussed below:

Learning issues:

Drug abuse can affect the memory of teenagers badly. This is so severe that it can lead to the poor academic performance of a teenager and difficulty in learning and remember things. The problem may get worse as a person grows older. During the teenage years, the brain works more efficiently. The use of drug weakens and slows down the brain.

Social problems:

According to several studies and research, it’s been noticed that teenagers who are addicted to drugs mostly suffer from various social problems. They have difficulty in maintaining relationships with their companions and mostly show the strange and anti-social behavior. The “stubborn” and “Furious” behavior of teens is often associated with the drug and alcohol abuse. Teenagers abusing drugs are also more likely to do theft and get into physical fights with anyone they got to do.

Emotional problems.

It has been noticed that the drug abuse can cause several emotional problems such as depression, anxiety, mood swings, suicidal thoughts, and even schizophrenia. A survey reported that the depression level among drug abusing teens id, 34.6 percent. Sadly, drug abuse can also raise the severity of these emotional problems. A study showed that teens abusing marijuana on weekly basis are at the doubled risk of depression and anxiety.


The drug-addicted teens that use needles for drug intake increase their risk of various blood-borne diseases like HIV, AIDS and Hepatitis B and C. These diseases get worse gradually and also lead to death.

Unsafe Driving:

Teenagers who abuse drugs remain senseless and absent-minded. These drug addicts are more likely to be involved in car accidents (hit or be hit) and various road accident-related deaths. A study showed that about 4 to 14 percent of drivers who are injured or die in road accidents were found drug-influenced.

Considering all these severe problems, it’s crucial for parents to play an active role to keep their children away from drugs and other harmful drug substances. The first and most effective step is to talk with children and have an open and confident relationship them. Parents often not always like what their kids are doing, but this is the time to be patient and co-operative with their kids. They should believe that there is some reason behind everything and if they handled the situation rudely, many problems will arise at some. So be co-operative with kids is effective in taking their care and it makes them obedient and honest.


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