Top 10 Reasons Why People Abuse Drugs

Top 10 Reasons Why People Abuse Drugs

Addiction is a severe influence that affects the nervous system of the brain. It is caused by the chemical reactions that take place due to the involvement of various substances in the body. Addiction badly affects a person’s judgment, Psychological independence, and emotional state. Overcoming addiction needs a proper rehabilitation and complete support from an addiction specialist.

The drug abuse has several forms and happens due to several reasons. As there are different cases of addiction, So the drug dependence vary for everyone:

  1. Legality: Nicotine and Alcohol are legal, and many of us even don’t know how much addictive are they. Legal substances are considered as the most commonly abused drugs all over the world.
  2. Prescribed Medication: Some folks assume that as they are prescribed various drugs by their doctors, so the usage of those drugs is safe. But prescribed drugs are as dangerous as the other ones if you misuse them, and also as addictive as heroin and cocaine.
  3. Fitting in: This is often most common among adults and teenagers. They begin to use drugs because they need to fit in. Being stubborn is common while you’re a teen or young adult. In most of the cases, young adults and teenagers don’t completely understand the severity of drug use and harms of addiction.
  4. Depression: One reason why an individual uses drugs is that they’re lonely. They assume that if they use drugs, they will get rid of their sadness, they will become happy and use of drug and alcohol will fill that space that’s within them. This can be a dangerous issue because the substances can fill that space for a short time. Then the user will need to take more and more to get that result. The more that they use the higher the probability of an accidental overdose is.
  5. Peer Pressure: Young adults and teenagers are most often related to peer pressure; however, it will happen to anyone, at any age. It’s difficult to resist feeling pressured once surrounded by others who are using drugs and alcohol, and that pressure will make anyone follow and do things that they never would do otherwise.
  6. To Feel Good: Folks begin to abuse drugs and alcohol because they assume if they start using drugs, they’ll forget their issues. However eventually, they’ll assume that they can’t live without drugs.
  7. Availability: Prescribed drugs, street drugs, nicotine, and alcohol are always on the market. You can obtain nicotine and alcohol nearly anywhere, and your doctor will give access to prescribed drugs. As for street drugs? Well, if there’s a will there’s the way.
  8. Gateway: For many, addiction starts with alcohol, however, once the effects of alcohol are no longer enough, people turn to harder and stronger drugs.
  9. Experimenting: A curious person might try drugs as an experiment, however, it’s not uncommon for addiction to follow. Several addicts begin using alcohol and marijuana but then a stage comes when they get hooked on cocaine, prescribed drugs, or maybe crystal meth and opiate.
  10. Self-Medicating: Some folks begin using drugs to deal with side effects of undiagnosed or untreated diseases. Once those who are self-medicating, try to get help for addiction, the underlying sickness can be addressed and treated.

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