Yoga Exercises For Weight Loss

yoga exercises for weight loss

What do you think about the miracles of yoga? Do you think yoga really help in dropping your extra pounds? The answer is yes absolutely!  Yoga includes some heart and blood pressure related exercises that truly support weight loss.

Did you know that yoga is considered to be much more effective weight loss exercise as compared to all the other forms of exercises? In the United States and other developed western countries, millions of people do yoga exercises as a form of a revitalizing workout course to get a healthy body and have a balanced, stress-free life.

Yoga exercises for weight loss

Yoga is the best practices of vigorous exercises, perfect for those who want to practice the “asana” for weight loss and physical as well as mental fitness.

Yoga not only helps you in getting fit and healthy, but it also promotes a greater connection between your body, mind, and spirit to help you move along your journey of life. This strong connection makes you more aware of your motivations, intentions, a way of eating, and your daily consumption. This sense of awareness increases gradually and evolves as long you keep on practicing yoga.

From the physical health point of view, Yoga helps you tone the entire body and strengthen your gluteus muscles.

The Poses for Yoga

Here are some incredible Yoga poses with few tips that help in losing weight:

Basic Yoga Squats

It is recommended to begin any yoga exercise with your basic yoga warm-up called the “Surya Namaskar”. This helps your body warm-up and prepare you for the cardiovascular exercises that you are going to perform.

The simple yoga squats called Utkatasana help you tone and reshape your thigh muscles. All this exercise is about just squatting down half way and getting up. It is very important to follow and maintain technique of breath in taking and out taking while going down and coming up.

Downward Dog to Half Plank Yoga Pose

This yoga pose is another hard pose which requires your entire strength. Raising your leg high up pointing towards the ceiling and taking it forward makes you stiffen your abdominal muscles.

Downward Dog to Small Dog Yoga Pose

This exercise again is very similar to the one mentioned above. In the Downward Dog position, you perform small bends along with your breath in taking and out taking. This exercise benefits well to your leg muscles and the abdominal area.

Small Dog to Plank Yoga Pose

This pose reinforces your core and makes your shoulder muscles strong as well at same time. This is an excellent way to tone and reshape your body and lose weight as well. This exercise is excellent for those who want to lose weight.

Standing on Leg Raise Yoga Pose

Breath in taking and lifting both your legs up towards the ceiling one at a time is a great exercise for losing weight and toning the problematic body areas, especially in the mid-section of the abdomen. This exercise works on your thighs, knees, and involves the entire lower body.

Abdominal Churning Yoga Pose

This is a superb way to burn the hips fat and shape the belly. Do remember to inhale and exhale during this exercise because breathing during the clockwise and anti-clockwise rotations is very important. This exercise stimulates and tones the lower body area. Once you have completed the core exercise, do rest in “Savasana”.

The Markat Asana Yoga Pose

This asana pose provides a fine twist to the back and perfectly stretches the back muscles. Twist your one leg over the other willingly in this exercise to help relieve the stress and tension in the back area.


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